Does this exist and if so, what is it called?

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I am working from home on a desktop belonging to my employer. I am also going to be doing some volunteer work and need a separate computer for that. I currently have 2 monitors, keyboard and mouse connected to the hard drive. My question is, if I were to buy a second computer, is there a device that I could plug the monitors, keyboard and mouse into that would then have one connection to the hard drive allowing me to switch my external devices between hard drives easily? If so, what is it called?
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KVM Switch

by TheChas In reply to Does this exist and if so ...

I presume by "hard drives" you mean laptop or desktop and not an external hard drive.

To use your peripherals with multiple computers, you need a KVM switch. Keyboard, video, mouse.
The last time I bought one it was for VGA and PS/2 devices. I have not searched, but I believe they exist for USB and HDMI.

Critical that the desktop and the laptop have compatible video outputs or this will not work!


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