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Does this IT requirements can be Approach by VLAN implementation?

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A commercial tower building consists of 10 floors, Ground floor and Basement, floors from 1-10 consist of 3 offices in each floor.

Current IT infrastructure in the Tower:
1) Core IT room to manage the services:
◦ Cisco switches
◦ All surveillance cameras & NVRs (all PoE)
◦ VM servers
◦ Internet service for ISP
◦ Backup devices, etc.

2) 10 floors with 3 offices in each floor, each office independently has:
◦ IT room where all office LAN points are aggregated in.
◦ One UTP Cat6 cascading cable from each office IT room switch to the Core IT room

3) Floors 1-3 for the tower management offices

IT Requirements:
-Total LAN points are 120 in the Core IT room
-The tower IT should provide Internet service only for each office independently.
-Should control/specify the Internet bandwidth limit for each office.
-Each office must be isolated from other LANs
-Tower management floors 1-3 should be able to utilize all Core IT room services, with the ability to isolate any office in the future.
-All IP cameras will be on a separate VLAN and data on another VLAN(s) as well, at some point some VLANs need to communicate to each other.

NB: 4x24 ports Cisco switches model (Cisco SG350-28P & Cisco SG350-2 already purchased for this purpose.

I appreciate advising on how this can be approached?

Thank you in advance
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