Does this kind of service or product exist? And where can I get them?

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I apologies in advance if it seems like a stupid question, but I am a IT retard so..
I am looking to set up a company where my employees gets to work from home as much as possible. I am looking to get a bunch of laptops and I was wondering if there is a way to set up some sort of server? So that every employee will have an account that they can use to login onto the shared company laptop.

basically any employees will be able to login into any of the shared company laptop. What is this type of server or service called? And can this server set up some sort of 2fa too? Also for this type of server, is it hard to remove or add account?

Once again I am sorry if this seem stupid but I am really confuse with IT haha.
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by sinclair21655 In reply to Does this kind of service ...

I'm having the same concern

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Server + Windows Server

by jkan98 In reply to Does this kind of service ...

In my opinion you could have a look at Azure from Microsoft.

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A bit confused..

by MirianWMiller33 In reply to Does this kind of service ...

Do you mean that you want all your employees to work on the same computer or on the same network? Can you specify what goal you're trying to achieve? There are a number of tools that can help you achieve your goal. First, you can set up a remote desktop connection, for example, here's an article about how you can do that with Windows As far as I know, there are limitations to the number of users. You can also set up a VPN for your team- you can check this option here: You can use Google Docs to share documentation in real-time and to monitor the activities and productivity of your employees. or will help manage tasks and projects. Please, elaborate on your question and let me know if any of the options suggested are useful to you.

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by SkyC In reply to A bit confused..

Hey, thanks for your suggestions. I am sorry that i wasn't very clear on what exactly I was looking for.

I think most companies have a internal "server" whereby the employees are able to login to any of the desktop within the office using their unique user id and password. I am looking for something similar but the only problem is that I am actually aiming to set up a few office around the countries which allow my employees to work in different office and environment to their convenience.

So what I need is for them to be able to login using their own user id and password from whichever desktop they can find in any of the office. It is not so much of them having access to company data, as I know there are server providers that can provide some sort of cloud-based server to store those data. But more of allowing my employees the flexibility to login to any of the desktop using their specific user id.

So my question is where can I find such services or "server"? I have looked at Azure, but I don't really know if it can perform this service that I am looking for. I came across something known as a "domain Controller" but I am also a bit lost on how it works.

Anyway, I hope this is clearer. Again sorry about being so confusing and thanks a lot for your help


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