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Does this processor fit?

By wompai ·
Ey, guys

I need some information about my motherboard... Could you help me with that? I've got a HP d330 ut (DG285T) motherboard (as it says in dxdiag) from a compaq evo series machine, plus I've got this Intel Celeron D 3.01 GHz processor with 533 MHz FSB (possibly, I'm not sure!). Could this fit in my motherboard AND function normally? I checked the HP website, the processor is not in the list of supported processors, however my motherboard can take 533 MHz of FSB and 3 GHz of processor speed... Is it good to upgrade from a Intel Pentium 2.6 GHz to a Intel Celeron D 3.01 GHz?

I also got this set of 4 RAM slots on my motherboard. Two of them are colored black, the other 2 are colored blue. I've got 2 DDR PC3200 RAM cards occupying the black ones. Which types go in the blue one and can the blacks and the blues work together when installed?

Thanks in advance.

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Standard Features - Select Models

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Does this processor fit?
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I'm not exactly sure which CPU you have here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Does this processor fit?

But the M'Board takes a 478 CPU package so at the very least you'll need to have this CPU as a 478 type CPU.

If you look at the Metal Side of the CPU it has a Number on it as well as Speed and Cache size. if you look at the Intel Site and search that Part Number it will give you a full description of the CPU that you have.

As for if the CPU will work with this M'Board that's a harder question. Even if it is the right Package Type it's a Celeron a cheap CPU that Intel doesn't talk about to their Chanel Partners and it is limited in what it can do. But a complete Listing of Celeron CPU's is available here


The M'Board has a 865G Chip Set which may or may not make use of this CPU. It really depends here which version of the M'Board you have as to if a CPU like this will work or not.

However as HP doesn't list it as a Compatible CPU I doubt that it would work. Not to mention that these Celeron CPU's appear to have 1 Core and 1 Thread so if you are replacing a Pentium CPU it would have 1 Core and 2 Threads so the Celeron would perform slower than the Pentium.

As far as the RAM Goes this is a Dual Chanel RAM M'Board so ideally you should fit identical RAM to the Color Coded Sockets.

The cheapest way to improve speed of any computer is to fit as much RAM as the M'Board or OS can use. So here the M'Board can use up to 4 GIG of DDR PC3200 and if you are running a 32 Bit OS it can use about 3.25 GIG. I have found in the past that it's better to fit 4 GIG of Identical RAM as 4 X 1 GIG Modules and run a 32 Bit OS that way. It might waste a bit of money on the unused RAM but you get the fastest performance you can out of the system.

Also depending on the CPU that you have here the RAM may be running slower than it's Maximum Speed as this is governed by the CPU and when in Dual Chanel Mode the Speed of the RAM is half the Front Side Buss Speed of the CPU as you have 2 Channels of RAM say running at 400 MHZ feeding the CPU which has up to a 800 MHZ FSB.


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by wompai In reply to Does this processor fit?

Thanks for the help this is everything I needed!

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