Does ubuntu is better than windows 7? if so in what way it is better?

By nazma mahaboob basha ·
is that ubuntu is more advantageous than windows?

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I think that depends on what your using it for

by markp24 In reply to Does ubuntu is better tha ...


I use both Ubuntu Linux and Windows 7 (along with XP still in a Virtual machine on my Ubuntu box) I have found Windows 7 is very good (except for having to buy it, since its expensive) I use it for some application that we cannot get to work under linux or cant get supported by the vender under linux.
For Most other items you can use a Linux OS without any issues, for those users that may prefer the Windows look and feel you and have them use KDE with a windows xp theme applied to it, Its pretty hard to tell the difference except for the application names.
Do you know what you want to use it for?

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