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Does US CTO Require a CEO, CMO and CFO?

By pkumar ·
These are exciting times for US to build 21st Century Infrastructure to set the right priorities for Healthcare IT, Clean Energy and Education.
The challenge will be to set the vision for each one of the sectors (Healthcare, Clean Energy and Education).

For example, "Paperless 24x7 Web Based Care System for All Americans". To achieve this goal someone at the US Healthcare department will have to start dealing with:

+ Execution Strategy
+ Budget/Finance
+ Technology selection and management
+ Marketing at the County, State and Individual Doctor/Patient level
+ Program Management
+ Progress Tracking
+ Change Management

As you can see a strong CTO probably can help provide the transformation technology infrastructure. But, the entire 24x7 web based Healthcare project will require timely capital fusion, marketing and end-to-end coordination between a CEO, CFO, CMO and CTO. Pushing US government for change to advance and more efficient systems would be the fist step?

I can go down the list for each sector. We can definitely make it happen with

+ Consultative Collaboration
+ Execution Focus
+ Innovations and Expansion

Any comments are welcome!!!

Prabhat Kumar
Telecom and IT Consultant
Edison, New Jersey

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We already have most of those

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Does US CTO Require a CEO ...

We have a CEO; he's called "Chief of Staff". The CFO is called "Secretary of the Treasury". The CMO (okay, I had to look this one up: "Chief Marketing Officer") is called the "Press Secretary".

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Does US CTO Require a CEO, CMO and CFO?

by pkumar In reply to We already have most of t ...

Dear Palmetto:

We knew about "secretary of the treasury" and others in the similar ranks. My point was directed towards making US Enterprise (US Government) act like a Private firm and lead the efforts of change in creating jobs in construction, health care, education and clean energy.

We have an opportunity to prove that US Enterprise can be as effective as any private companies when it comes to focus and execution excellence. Also, US Enterprise is the only one seems to be having the financial power to make things happen now.

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