Does using the word "Cool" as part of a domain name sound unprofessional?

By ksmith ·
For the past couple of days I have been trying to think of something semi-catchy to reserve as a domain name. I have come up with something for the main site that I like, but I would like to find something people can easily remember for my blog.

As I'm sure most people know, most of the good names are taken. However I found something that I like, but a friend of mine thinks it sounds a little juvenile because it starts with the word "Cool". I thought about it a little and I personally believe that it is a good name because to applies to a broader audience. I would like to know what other peoples opinions are though. Thank You.

PS. I am not including the full name, in the case that someone would grab it.

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by rahouseholder In reply to Does using the word "Cool ...

If it is an air conditioning service...

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Depends on the nature of the business. Ice cream, drinks, or HVAC is OK

by ManiacMan In reply to Not

If you're selling hot foods, then it doesn't make sense.

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I agree . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Depends on the nature of ...

That was my first thought too!

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What is the nature of your business

by Tig2 In reply to Does using the word "Cool ...

And what age range are you trying to appeal to?

Young people 18-49 M/F demographic? Cool will likely work fine. Older demographic? Not so much but I would say that at least among men in the 49-60 group, you would be okay. Maybe not great, but okay.

If you are selling mortuary services, don't even consider it. D.J. service, party planning, even clothing? You should be fine.

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Got something else

by ksmith In reply to What is the nature of you ...

Thanks for all the replies. The blog is going to be tech related and I came across the name coolworldtech, because nothing else was coming to me at the time.

In today's world technology influences everyone young and old. That is why I thought the name would be attractive to a broader range of people.

However, I did a lot more work on the name today. I wanted something that was catchy and easy to remember. What I landed on is MUCH better then my previous. I'll put it up here once registration is complete. Thank You.

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by mikeadams1137 In reply to Does using the word "Cool ...

Glad to see you don't trust us~! In reality, I can relate, and that's a smart thing to do.

The orientation of the business really should coincide with the this case.."cool" would be inappropriate for the following items...

- lawyers
- prostitues
- convicts
- felons
- carnies
- paralegals
- hitmen
- trannies...etc..
- All things un-cool basically.

It would be appropriate for articles such as..

- Cheetas
- Sliced Bread
- Cheese
- Peanut Butter
- Wombats
- Law Enforcement Personnel
- etc...all things cool basically.

I hope this helps..and points you in the right direction.

Disclaimer: The items stated above are the the ideas and opinions of the poster herein (me, myself, I)...and this list may or may not be complete, and is subject to change at users approval.

PS: Wombats are nice ferrocious creatures, as many people think.

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I object

by radioleft In reply to Interesting...

There's nothing uncool about transexuals.

Some of my best friends are trannies.

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Mine too

by Tig2 In reply to I object

But this actually would fall under the heading of perception. Unless you want to restrict your audience to trannies and those who have no issue with them, you would likely do well to choose another name.

I used to work in television advertising. It is amazing what I recall!

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What! No Cool Prostitutes???

by The Scummy One In reply to Interesting...

I guess Daveo will have a hard time with this concept, as he idolizes a snow queen (frigid, very cold) :^0 :^0 :^0

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First thing I thought of was with a 'K': Kool or Kuul

by DadsPad In reply to Does using the word "Cool ...

Agree that the name should always reflect the tone of the website. Since it will be tech related, then try to reflect how yours will be different than the 1000's of tech websites out there.

Good Luck

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