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Does Vista suck?

By pgm554 ·
I am now setting up a brand new Sony laptop Core solo 1.33 ghz , 2 gigs of ram and
Vista business

This piece of sh!t is so painfully slow when compared to a similar XP pro Vaio it's ridiculous.
How can M$ put out such a pig OS and keep a straight face!
And Sony,WTF!

Why would you do this to your customers?

My opinion is ,yes,it sucks big time!

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Is this a rhetorical question?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Does Vista suck?

In a simple sucks bigtime and has no place in any corporate environment until MS gets rid of the allow/deny code execution stupidity, stops treating end users like software pirates by deactivating Vista after a simple game install, and redesigns the Aeroglass GUI to look less like a fisher price toy for kids and more like a serious business oriented interface without the cheesy bells and whistles.

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Vista Business is made to upgrade.

by askaspen In reply to Does Vista suck?

Just bought an HP w/ 2.4Ghz 1G duo AMD 4600. Slow is right.I should have totally got the clue when comparing Premium and Ultimate to Business that something was up with Business(what an abortion). Well I picked up the upgrade download from Amazon for $139 which I would have paid for more ram (which probably wouldn't helped) . Wow it was like putting ram in. Everthing is faster. My new dual core Dem. Dell at work 1G ram, w/ XP pro is so much faster even with Ultimate. Definatly upgrade to Ultimate and turn all that start up eye candy off if you need speed. Should help your Sony. Then I would look at the 1.33GHz and see if you can increase that. Good Luck. S

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by badpromo In reply to Does Vista suck?

I agree, whole heartedly. Worse OS yet.

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