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    Does Vista update mess with settings?


    by rodell12 ·

    I have a computer in my office that runs vista pro, on Friday the computer ran an auto update which included 3 or 4 vista security updates. Ever since that update, This computer will not go online. The other two computers on this network using the same connection are running fine. Does anyone know if this update is what is causing this problem? I checked all of the settings and everything is set up ok. Please help.

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      by rodell12 ·

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      Most likely it’s the Vista Updates or Security Fixes

      by oh smeg ·

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      Not sure how to fix the problem though as I would need to know what Infernal Exploder 7 is telling you.

      But at a guess have you looked in the Security Settings of IE7 to see if there is something in there preventing the connection?

      Also the Updates installed on Friday would be of help. You can get these by starting IE on the Windows or Microsoft Update Web Page and look at the list of Installed Updates/Security Fixes.


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      when you say

      by sue t ·

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      go online do you mean they can’t access the internet but can still connect to the network? Can you ping this computer from another one? Are you able to get on the internet if you use FireFox or another browser other than internet explorer? Have you checked the security settings in IE? I am running Vista Business and also Home Premium will all updates and not experiencing any problem connecting but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t having a problem caused by the updates and I am fortunately not. What OS are the other 2 computers on the network running?

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      I have same problem…

      by ·

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      We have a Vista Pro Home PC and at the weekend it ran some security updates and then lo and behold we can no longer connect to the Internet… I have tried all quick things that can think of and would appreciate any advice…

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