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Does what someone wears to an interview matter?

By geekchic ·
HELP! I put in for a job on a whim and actually got an interview. It pays almost $12,000 a year more then I am getting now and I am terrified! I haven't had a job interview in over 10 years! Does what someone wears to an interview influence your decision in any way? I am not talkin' belly button rings and jeans here. Casual slacks? Dress? Suit? Dressy...non dressy? It is in I.T. so I just don't know whether this is a big consideration among those hiring nowadays. Any opinions would be appreciated!! But BE NICE...I am old and get my feelings hurt easily! LOL!!

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Respect and professionalism

by amcol In reply to Does what someone wears t ...

Business attire for an interview. Always. No exceptions. No matter what.

Don't be terrified, it'll show when you interview. One of the best ways to talk yourself OUT of a job is to be visibly nervous. Just be calm, answer the questions that are asked, don't go into molecular detail about your various technical accomplishments, and above all remember the following two words..."BUSINESS VALUE". Say it again, with me..."BUSINESS VALUE". C'mon, one more time with feeling..."BUSINESS VALUE". Figure out how to show what yours has been, and much more importantly what it will be should you be hired. Quantify it if possible, just make sure you put it in terms anyone can understand.

You'll do fine. Best of luck.

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Interview coaching

by JamesRL In reply to Respect and professionali ...

I'd second Amcol's note on attire. Its almost impossible to overdress. If you have any contacts at the company, find out what the dress code is. A good rule of thumb is to dress one "level" above the code. When in doubt, dress your best. As in your resume, hiring managers look at this as your "best".

If you have the opportunity, find someone in management that you trust, someone who regularly interviews to give you a mock interview and coaching - trust me, it is something that you get better at with practise. Particularly you should look for answers to behavioural questions - like tell me about a time when you dealt with a difficult customer or tell how you managed to put a troubled project back on track. The way to answer is by using the STAR method - describe the Situation/Task, what action did you take, what was the result. Its not about team in these questions, its about examples where you made the difference.

Hope that helps. I was out for a while, and had many interviews, feel free to ask more questions.


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Stay away from buzzwords

by Too Old For IT In reply to Respect and professionali ...

Nothing is more annoying than listening to someone who can say nothing but buzzwords that don't relate.

"Good metrics", "ROI", "leading edge" "business value" etc may sound good, but I prefer to be shown that you have business value rather than told in buzzwords.

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Times have changed

by mtodd In reply to Respect and professionali ...

As an IT executive I do prefer performers rather than dressers. As long as the applicant looks well grommed, what they wear is irrelevant. The dress code is not an issue in modern times as much as it is the ability to sell one's skills during the interview. Do not bother to tell me how many certificates you have - tell me what you have done in plain English. The fact that you asked shows how much you care about the interview. To me you are 50% already there.

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It shows "effort"

by fafafooey In reply to Does what someone wears t ...

To me, dressing nicely (even dressing above the normal dess code of that office) shows that you are making an effort to get the job.

Your dress will be part of the interviewer's first impression of you, and you can't undo first impressions.

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by geekchic In reply to It shows "effort"

Reminds me of my interview when I started where I work now. I felt like the interview went well, I met all the others in the office and then shook hands and turned around to leave.

When I opened the door to leave, my purse (why do we have to carry those things anyway????) strap got caught on the door knob and pulled me back in and everything in it spilled out onto the floor. Wow was that embarrassing! I knew when I left there, that I would be getting a rejection letter in the mail. But much to my surprise they hired me. When I mentioned it later on, my boss said that she hired me because even though it was an embarrassing situation, she thought I handled it well and that is what made her hire me. My sense of humor....

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Really feeling out of place....

by CTOS In reply to HA!!

Talk about funny situations...The last big job I applied for was for a call centre position in a fair sized city. I was sitting in a room looking at the other candidates and feeling pretty glum about it! All of them, except for one other was young, thin, wearing jeans or funky clothes, rings in their eyebrows, etc. I was dressed in my "best", heavier, older and not "hip". It really made me think about how it is harder to get a job when the years go by! Thankfully someone still appreciates us for dressing in our best and having some experience under our belts...I got the job!
I would rather be out of place looking good than for looking sloppy! Live by your "old rules".

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Working beside a call centre in a fair sized city...

by JamesRL In reply to Really feeling out of pla ...

Yes there are times when the call centre is desparate enough to take people wearing jeans.

But you never want to give someone an opportunity to eliminate you. I can't see every eliminating someone who was overdressed - at least not at most businesses. But I can see eliminating someone who is poorly dressed. Now rings in the eyebrows - we aren't allowed to judge on that....


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by avid In reply to HA!!

try that again. if it worked once, spill your purse again. you never know. (ha ha)

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Dress for you

by andymerr46 In reply to It shows "effort"

I would say be smart but in something that you are comfortable wearing, this will help concentrate your mind on the interview not your dress.

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