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Does Win2K3 SBS req. IIS to function?

By UncleRob ·
Just a question about Win2K3 SBS,
does anyone know if IIS is required for Win2K3 to function properly? I'm asking on behalf of a friend who's currently running it as a file/print/app server (recently purchased Dell Server) but wants to also run it as a webserver. I have no real experience with Win2K3 and don't know what ill effects would be had if the IIS Service was stopped or better yet if IIS was completely removed from his win2k3 server altogether. He currently also runs SQL server on this box as well and I would also like to know if IIS is integral for SQL server to continue running. I guess I'm probably leaving out a whole lot of info here, I wish I had more to provide on the situation, it's always hard to offer support remotely (I guess it's even harder for you to offer advice remotely also). Can he run Apache web server (any recommendations on versions) on Win2K3 instead of IIS and if he does, would IIS conflict with Apache if he left IIS installed and the service running? Also, any firewall recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I guess my friend's goal in a nutshell is to run this server as a webserver (on top of it's other functions because Win2K3 SBS is supposed to be able to do everything! - yeah right) and run his company website off this box and not just a business card type site, he will hook up his site with sql server and provide an online catalog of his company's products, and allow customers to purchase items online from him, etc. I don't need help on how to setup his website because I'm not offering that help to him as I have no experience in that area whatsoever.

Any help you can offer would be great.

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by curlergirl In reply to Does Win2K3 SBS req. IIS ...

That's a pretty ambitious agenda for one lil ole SBS server...but that's for him to figure out, I guess. IIS is not required to run Win2K3 or SQL Server, and as a matter of fact it is not even installed in a standard Win2K3 installation like it was with Win2K. However, it IS required to run a lot of the wizards and junk that is loaded as part of a standard SBS installation, so it is doubtless installed on his server. If he tries to uninstall it, he will doubtless get a lot of warning messages saying that certain other elements of SBS will no longer work (i.e., probably some wizards and also Sharepoint services that are part of SBS's management tools). However, if he doesn't care about that stuff, it should be perfectly safe to uninstall it.

There's no reason I know of that you couldn't run Apache on a Win2K3 server, although I've never actually tried it myself. I'm not sure about running both together - I would be likely to recommend at least disabling the IIS services if he's not going to use them, to prevent any possibly port conflicts, etc.

Hope this helps!

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by UncleRob In reply to

Thank You, I will offer this advice to my friend and see how things work out.

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by CG IT In reply to Does Win2K3 SBS req. IIS ...

IIS is required for the W2003 SBS internal Web site. Sharepoint also is dependent and on IIS and the internal web site.

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by CG IT In reply to

note we are talking about Windows 2003 Small Business Server Standard and Premium Edition. We are not talking about Windows 2003 Server.

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by UncleRob In reply to Does Win2K3 SBS req. IIS ...

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