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    Does Xfinity mobile use Verizon ‘spec’ 5g cell phone, or generic ‘unlocked’

    by gregorystrom ·

    Hey fellow ‘techies’… I’m about ready to jump ship from verizon, to Xfinity Mobile (Yes, I’m already a Xfinity broadband customer). I am NOT planning on bringing my 5yr old CRACKED Samsung s7edge with me.. Thus, will be looking for the latest/greatest cost effective 5g Cell that Xfinity offers. That said, I recently saw an article indicating that ONLY Verizon store ‘spec’ Samsung galaxy 21 series (Specifically, the S21 Ultra) will be able to utilize Verizon’s recently acquired ‘C’ mid-band spectrum, rumored to be coming later in 2021… So, does Xfinity Mobile use Verizon ‘Spec’ Samsung Galaxy S21 cell phones (Or, any other brand for that matter)…?? OR…Open market ‘unlocked’ versions of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series…Available to T-mobile, AT&T, Etc…..?? Xfinity ‘claims’ to utilize Verizon’s cell phone network.. However, EVERYONE knows the Mobile Cell phone companies are NOT 100% transparent in their ‘advertised’ claims..Lol… I want to make damn sure that if I spend $1000+ at Xfinity for a new 5G cell phone, That has EQUAL access to Verizon multiple bands of 5G spectrum, that Verizon customer owned cell phones get.. Otherwise, I may as well STAY with Verizon to utilize 100% of their ‘available’ spectrum….Right..??? I think this information will prove relevant and useful for MANY customers looking to hop on the 5G bandwagon…. Any Info is Greatly appreciated!!!!! Greg/Spokane, Wa

    As a side note, I really wish these Cell phone companies would DROP the ’rounded’ edges on the screens of their ‘Flagship’ cell phones… In 25yrs of cell phone ownership, I never experienced ‘cracked’ screen issues, until I purchased my Samsung S7 edge.. I’ve been through (3) screens in nearly 5 years, even with a protective case… Clearly, the curved edge design adversely effects the structural integrity of the screen… Just say’n =)

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      That’s my understanding as well.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Does Xfinity mobile use Verizon ‘spec’ 5g cell phone, or generic ‘unlocked’

      As to the radio bands. Generic models will have you doing a lot more digging into these areas since you can’t count on all to have the radio subsystem to use the new bands.

      For me this has been a non-issue since I rarely found myself checking bands. I pop my GSM SIM in from my carrier (ATT, T-Mobile), set the APN values and I’m done.

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