Does your boss have the right to know your network password

By anthony.figueroa ·
Does your supervisor or boss have the right under the law to have your current network password.

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Not only no

by IC-IT In reply to Does your boss have the r ...

but **** No!
What would be the point? If He She It wants it then insist that all systems just have a generic logon.
To get them thinking, remind them that should anyone else have your password then you assuredly can not be held responsible for anything found in your user profile.
The reality is that should they have a legitimate need to check on you they can isolate the system/drive and take ownership of the files to purview your profile.

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by anthony.figueroa In reply to Not only no

they gave me the bs on intellectual property. That there computer belongs to them. I did not want to give up my password, but I had no choice, cause i'm not sure of the laws and legal nuboo jumbo stuff

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If they need to view something under your account,

by TonytheTiger In reply to Password

they can always get an(other) admin to change your password. Therefore, it is never necessary for them to know it.

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THEY should observe the proper chain of command

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Does your boss have the r ...

If you work on a network, their proper route for ANY inquiry is the sys admin. He is the only one who should have total access to the entire network, and I'll guarantee he'd want a bloody good reason for what your boss is asking.

Accountability and Responsibility are paramount at all times.

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by jdclyde In reply to THEY should observe the p ...

If they want to know all the passwords, tell them to set them all to password.

You also are not accepting any liability or responsibility for an account that other people have access to.

Time to update your resume and get out of that situation.

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The only circumstances

by Tig2 In reply to Does your boss have the r ...

In which you could be compelled to provide a password is if the legal owner of the equipment requests. Not his designee.

Even then, you always have to right to respectfully request "written orders". Any effort to discipline you for such an request is an HR issue.

In the present situation, you could open yourself to liability because you provided access to information that was held securely.

Change your password.

And dust off the resume.

Good Luck!

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by anthony.figueroa In reply to The only circumstances

Is there any laws stating password policies , and monitoring, ease dropping in a company.

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by 1bn0 In reply to Does your boss have the r ...

Your network password is provided to RESTRICT YOUR ACCESS to only those resources that you need access to.

Ask for the companys' IT policy on network passwords. Most company policies clearly state that you are NOT to give your password to ANYONE with the possible exception of IT personnel who "may" need it when troubleshooting your machine/account. Usually they will reset the password for the duration they require access under your account and then FORCE you to change it to something that they do not know.

If you can't avoid it set the password to something, give it to him and then PROMPTLY CHANGE IT.

Do this every time he asks for. Do NOT leave it set to one that he nows. TIGGERTWO is right. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for anything done under your user account!

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Lamen's terms

by RooBee81 In reply to Does your boss have the r ...

This is kinda off point, but agrees with the don't give password idea. When I was a cashier, my shift manager asked for my drawer. I said no. She wrote me up. I went to my store manager and asked about it and her response was even though it was the companies property, it was my responsibility. If anything came up missing it was my job not the shift manager's. So, the password that guards your work is their because you are responsible for that information and they have no reason to go poking around with it. If they truly have cause to do so. Make sure you have documentation that they did so. That way if they do mess with something, you can prove they where there. But, my opinion don't give it to them. If you have change the password. Hope my inexperience helps.

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Its a control issue

by anthony.figueroa In reply to Lamen's terms

the management here are so insecure. They need to have control of everything. Im the admin as well as a user. I changed my password by the way, so I guess I will wait to be writen up. They do a spot check everyday to make sure the password is correct. F them all, I say. Quick question. Is password policies based on the company policies or is there something wrriten in stone.

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