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Does your CRM allow you to mingle?

By tom ·
OK. You'll just spent the big bucks on a new CRM application! System in place, your reports show your gain on ROI and every thing is on the up-and-up right? But is it really? Are your reports reporting on only what you want to see? What about your back office accounting or administration departments they deal with customers every day. Is this being measured or simply forgotten in your CRM application? We have found the answer, have you?

Tom Marquez
Quality Programs Manager for Process, Procedures, and Metrics

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by Oz_Media In reply to Does your CRM allow you t ...

I was listening to a similar sales pitch the other day and have some comparitive questions.

a) Does your software still work like new after cutting through a can of frozed food?

b) Can you use it on a hammer and STILL cut a ripe tomato?

c) If I cut wood with it, will it still offer a fine edge?

d) Can I cut my shoe in half and still make lunch with it?

e) Is it more flexible yet more durable than my existing software or you will replace it free for life or give my money back?

f) If I buy two copies, do you throw in MS Office, a WindowsCE version?

g) If I act now do I get all this, not for the $799.99 I would expect to pay for ALL this; two copies, Office AND Windows CE. NOT even $79.99, but ALL this for only $19.95?

h)does it create four enties everytime?

i)do you really think a technical site is discussion forum is a good product marketing angle?

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