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Does your IT department build or buy prebuilt desktops?

By Bill Detwiler Editor ·
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-Build only
-Buy prebuilt only
-Both build and buy prebuilt

This is the focus of a new TechRepublic poll. Tell us whether your IT department builds or buys desktops and why.

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by bmedlock In reply to Does your IT department b ...

I tried building our own but didn't end up saving much, if any, money. Plus it took extra time that I don't have. Then there's the issue of warranties. With a prebuilt system you have one company and one warranty to worry about, build your own and you have a half dozen companies with different warranties from 90 days to 3 years.
We've been buying HP business systems, not the crappy home systems, for about a year now, each comes with a three year warranty and they've worked well for us. We had one with a bad hard drive, but I filled out a form online and got a new hard drive the next day, with pre-paid packaging material to ship the old one back.
We replace about a dozen computers a year.

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by j.lupo In reply to Does your IT department b ...

for the community at large we have a contract with a major company to supplie all our laptops and PCs. We have a different contract with another company for all our big Unix (AIX) boxes. They are all pre-built and this way we partner with our vendors when there is problems. It was more cost efficient in our situation.

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by Mr.Wiz In reply to Does your IT department b ...

We buy mainly pre-built Dell's. Who has time to build their own anymore.

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by RobRoyNJ In reply to Does your IT department b ...

For most employees we buy straight from a vendor. However, my group supports a number of research scientists that require high performance workstations and we often built these ourselves. Our negotiated pricing with our main vendor (IBM now Lenovo) is so good that we don't bother with lower end systems. However the savings on high performance systems is still significant. We are right now waiting on the new intel chipsets to built out a number of new workstations this fall. When performance is not about convenience, building makes a lot of sense.

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by oldbag In reply to Does your IT department b ...

I deal pretty much exclusivly with Dell. I just don't have the time to build. Also, we get a 3 year warranty which has come in handy.

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by JamesRL In reply to Does your IT department b ...

In the office of 60, there are two machines that are not prebuilt. One is a security system, one is a workstation with a RAID for a specific purpose. Otherwise we have standard desktops and network backups - if the system dies we can rebuild it quickly.


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by zlitocook In reply to Does your IT department b ...

The only company I worked for that built their own only did it for two years. Because of BIO's upgrades and adding new hardware, the systems could only be upgraded to a point.
Prebuilt you can get 3 year warrentys and next day service.

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by Mr_RC In reply to Does your IT department b ...

Most of ours are prebuilt HP Business systems, we have specially made ghost image that we just replicate to the new systems as they arrive. New staff have everything they need on the spot and only minor configuration to get them onto the domain.
We found that we just dont have the time to build systems from scratch, and keeping track of all the paperwork and such.
Occasionally a custom system is required which we build ourselves, but that only occurs once every month or two.

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BUY PreBuilt Desk Tops

by the_webninja In reply to Does your IT department b ...

I Build PCs for other People. The name of my Business is HOT ROD PCs. The reason I think people should buy PCs from people like me who BUILD PCs is because I, and people like myself (Hardware Techs and Engineers), usually spend half our day Reading and studying about Hardware Configurations, and what works best with what. Now the way most people are building parts now a days, that issue is becomming less and less of a Problem, however, many IT specialists are "Specialists" in other fields, they may know and understand the basics of how to Build a PC, but when you get right down to it, are they gonna know whether they should buy a 300 watt Power Supply or a 600Watt Power Supply for their System? Are they going to know enough to know whether they should go with Dual Xeon Chips, Quad Xeon Chips or your Average Pentuim D or Athlon 64 AMD Chip?
Are they going to know the difference between Loading their Memory in Dual Channel or not?
Are they going to know if a basic $15 Sound card is going to do for them, or would they rather have a Sound Blaster X-Fi? With Lots of Video Conferencing going on, do they know what kind of Video Card is going to serve them them Best?
And most of all will all the stuff they buy work well together? Or are they going to wind up with a Configuration nightmare?
Many IT people that Specialize in other fields, don't want the aggrivation of Putting together a bunch of PCs. My Sister is a Programmer for People Soft, she couldn't fix a Computer if her life depended on it! I think that we should value the work that people have a Passion for, and let them do the work. If you build your own Computers, pretty soon you will be cooking your own food, cutting your own hair, designing your own websites, fixing your own cars, making your own Music and Movies, and pretty soon you will be doing it to yourself, cause no one will want to know you anymore. When you involve others in your Success, then everyone is happy, everyone gets a piece of the action, and it benefits everyone. If you let people who have the Passion for Building Computers do the Work, you get a Better Built Computer. I know how to make Ice Cream, but I rarely ever do it.

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by jkn1ck In reply to Does your IT department b ...

When I first started (1989)there were very few "pre-built" computers. We would buy the best components and build our own. But as the market flourished we found it less expensive in time and money to buy ready made top of the line computers. Always with extended (3 year) onsite warranties.

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