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Does your system TALK to you like mine does ?

By OldER Mycroft ·
Having 'come out' recently, I thought I'd run this past the Peers(and the rest of the world in general) just for the sake of airing what may be a minority pastime.

Due to my condition Cerebral Atrophy and its associated side effect of Ataxia, I perhaps make more mistakes on a keyboard than the typical IT personnel. Don't get me wrong - my typing speed is among the highest you'll ever encounter, but so is the level of typing errors. Many years spent in the Printing/Publishing industry has given me a high command of the spoken and written word but my accuracy ebbs and flows.

Consequently, I also became aware of the shortcomings in XP Pro's capability to inform me of a system- or user-error. This is because I sometimes forget what the beeps and farts stand for. Therefore even although the system is correct in generating an audible system alert, the effectiveness is lost if I can't identify what the particular noise is telling me.

So I substituted words for sounds.

Unfortunately I reckon that Uncle Bill didn't spend much time considering the long-haul application when he created Microsoft Sam. Some of Sam's utterances are painful to put it mildly.

My weapon of choice is Talking Notepad. The method is similar to Sam but the speech synthesis is far superior. I can have my standard set of phrases in just about any national voice that I like.

At present my system speaks like a Russian Shotputter !!

There is one slight drawback - Networking!!

To solve this my Media Centre sounds like the ship's computer from Star Trek, my laptop speaks in a Japanese accent and my Gaming Rig as I said, is currently Russian. They all have to be different otherwise, if I'm out of the room, I can't tell which one has just reported in.

So the question is - Am I alone in this or do others have a speaking computer too ? :)

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I do not have a speaking computer, but I have friend...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Does your system TALK to ...

who is quadriplegic. Her computer 'speaks' to her, and what is more she speaks back to her computer!

Can I make the smart remark about voices in your head now?

durn the typos

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Not voices in my head - over the top of CRYSIS ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I do not have a speaking ...

I found a 3rd party utility that monitors my Gmail account, which I've set with system priority.

So even when I'm struggling to survive in Crysis, my headphones announce "Gmail has a new message for you!" in a Russian accent.

So yeah, I've now got voices in my head!


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About that utility...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Not voices in my head - o ...

is it equally as functional with other email accounts and/or onboard clients? Is it a freebie or paidfor product? Do you know whether or not it will run on Vista (probably Home)?

I think that my friend could probably find something like this useful.

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Thanks. I will pass them along.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I never know what a woman ...

But what is the one you are using with which you are satisfied? I figure a satisfied user - male or female - is the best recommendation.

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You can run Crysis and other apps??

by JamesRL In reply to Not voices in my head - o ...

You must spend way too much money on gaming....

I've got the demo installed and I turn off all non critical apps when running it - including anti-virus, auto updates etc.

It still runs slowly in 1024x768....


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Well ...if you've got it, flog it to death ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to You can run Crysis and ot ...

Crysis I mean.

Q. Spending way too much money on gaming ?

A. You're probably correct IF I WASN'T ME !

Y'see I'm not your average human being. I'm approaching 53 years old, no wife, no children, no mortgage, no regard for protocol, no nothing.

I reckoned that if I might end up spending my days wondering where or who I was, I might as well enjoy the one thing in life that I'm still any good at - playing computer games.

**** I've been playing computer games since my first Z80 in 1979.

My gaming rig can run Crysis at 1680 x 1050 on a 22" Hanns-G monitor. There's a Nvidia 8800GT tucked away inside the box, which is powered by a 3.16GHz Core2 Duo, and with everything on MAX except Anti-Aliasing (which is only running at 4x) I'm getting 54fps.

It might speed up a bit if I turned of the antivirus etc, but I doubt if I'd notice.

YES you're right James, I spend way too much on gaming but I've not got anything else to do. :)

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Ya big tease..

by JamesRL In reply to Well ...if you've got it, ...

Personally, I blame Vista....

I have a 3.2 Ghz Xeon with hyperthreading (2 actually but Vista Premium only sees one) and a Radeon X1900, that I have overclocked. I have 4 GB of ECC dual channel.

I was running my online games like Battlefield 2 in 1600 x1200 with 4xAA, but now I've got it at 1280x1024 with no AA - still slow on some of the complex maps - average 25 frames, drops to 18 at times, which doesn't play well. The half life 2 series runs fine at 1600x1200, all high settings even in Vista.

I'd like to get an 8800 GT, have seen them on sale for $200, but I have lots of things to spend money on, including my kids. Some day...


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You're not gonna like this post ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Ya big tease..

My gaming rig runs Windows XP Pro (an 'upgrade' from Vista Premium!!) BUT I'm also running DX10 graphics.

There's an 11K MOD for Crysis 1.1 that releases the DX10 graphics.

Any user running Crysis with a DX10-capable GPU but on a non-Vista machine is presented with the MAX settings greyed-out within the in-game menu. The MOD removes the lowest settings from the .ini file, shifting all the settings DOWN one level while renaming them. The topmost level within the in-game menu is still greyed out but the ACTUAL top level is one below the top!

Simple really but begs the obvious question: Is the need for Vista in order to run DX10 just all hype?

Maybe TR should form a clan? There's a few Peers I'd enjoy popping a cap in the @$$ of !!

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Not a computer but...

by JamesRL In reply to Does your system TALK to ...

After my wife had a traumatic brain injury, I bought her a Nintendo DS and a copy of Big Brain Academy. Later I got her Brain Age as well, where the author of the program has an avatar and gives you pep talks. So I am used to a game speaking to the house.

Funny way back in the 80s, when I was writing for a magazine, I went to a big press conference Apple held on voice technology, and how it was the next big thing. Didn't turn out that way, except for a few specialized apps, like Dragon dictate.


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