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Doesnt get Display

By luv_xpert ·
I am using Gigabyte GA-7zxe board with AMD Athlon 1.333Mhg Processor with 256Mb Ram and 32MB SIS AGP card.
i am not able to get my pc started it starts processor fan but there isnt any display and monitor LED doesnt turn in to Green it remains red. i ve changed RAM and AGP but not worked.
i shall be thankful if u can help me in this regard.

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by TheChas In reply to Doesnt get Display

Check the clear CMOS jumper.

If it is in the normal position, run the clear procedure and try again.

I have had problems with Socket A systems that use SDRAM. I ALWAYS need to manually set the CPU speed in order to get the system to boot properly.

If re-setting the CMOS does not get the system to boot, remove the CMOS battery and disconnect the AC power cord for at least 1/2 hour.

Connect power and boot into BIOS settings.
Set the front side bus and multiplier properly.
With PC-133 SDRAM, the settings should be 133MHz and 10X


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by Oz_Media In reply to Doesnt get Display

Chas is usually right on these things but you might want to try a different monitor if you haven't already done so. Perhaps borrow a friend's?

Good luck

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by carole In reply to Doesnt get Display

You don't say if you're getting past POST. Have you checked that the graphics card is good? Only time I've had this problem is when the graphics card has failed. If you have a spare or even an old graphics card, try changing it.

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