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Doesn't Seem Kosher

By DanGuerrero76 ·
Just started with a decent firm in Atl. a few weeks ago. My colleague was talking to me about how he's been submitting cleaned resumes through application portals on client job post sites. I know I'm new at this, but I don't know if that's acceptable practice or not. Any thoughts?

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Well, as a general rule

by robo_dev In reply to Doesn't Seem Kosher

Doing a job search using the company computers on company time tends to fall into the 'career limiting event' category.

While most companies do not care too much about where you surf online, if your friend screws up and they pull a proxy log that's all 'Monster and CareerBuilder' then the company would be more likely to give him 'all the time he needs' to find a new job after they escort him from the premises....

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That doesn't sound right

by Tigger_Two In reply to Doesn't Seem Kosher

In some places, you are required to sign an agreement that you won't solicit client companies for work. I think in general, it is considered to be a no-no even if an agreement isn't in place.

Having said that, I have been off the job market for a couple of years, and things may have changed.

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