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doing a fresh install

By dchesworth ·
I am in the process of putting a larger hard drive in I bought it s/h with a warranty I came home removed the old drive fitted the new drive and had to fit a pin connector to make it a Master I put in my cd of 2000 and off we go all it does is keep formatting over and over the guy I bought it of said he connected it to XP and formatted it as a Slave I have set it up as a slave and shows that I have 2 hard drives so I go to D drive and install some software I made sure it went to D check it works check C drive and software is on C drive as wellso I disconnected my C drive and D drive comes up disk failure replace disk and press enter HELP

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to doing a fresh install

Well the first thing to do is get the HDD checking Utility from the maker of the drive and run it. You generally do this by inserting a Boot Floppy into the Floppy drive and at the A: prompt change floppies over and run the HDD checking utility. Although depending on the maker the boot utility could be included with the disk checker.

If it passes the Disk Test then set the Jumper to CS {Cable Select} then attach i to the end of the IDE Cable and go into BIOS on the next boot up and chose either to identify the HDD or Auto Select this again depends on the maker of the M'Board and the BIOS. I'm taking it for granted that it is an IDE HDD as you have not said differently but if it is a SATA drive and you don't already have an SATA drive installed you may need to install the SATA Driver this should have come with either the system makers Recovery Disks or on a floppy from the M'Board maker.

When you come to install 2000 you need to format up the drive and allow files to be written to it and when the system reboots at which point you'll be prompted to "Press any Key to Boot From CD" don't press any key and the install should proceed. If you keep pressing a key you are taken back to the beginning of th install process all over again and you'll be in a continuous loop of Formatting and writing files to the drive.

Of course if the HDD doesn't pass the makers test you can return it Under Guarantee.


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by Roger In reply to doing a fresh install

Try disconnecting both drives, set the new drive as single or cable select (try both ways) and see if the drive functions correctly. If you connected the drive as slave and could read and write data then the drive is probably OK. If you put the second drive (old drive) in the computer as a slave be sure to set both drives as cable select drives or set one as master and the second as slave.

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by nanakontihene In reply to doing a fresh install

I am assuming that the old hdd was functioning well before you took it out. If that is the case, put it back in and set it as the master. Set the new one as slave. After windows has loaded from the old hdd, format the new hdd (do not use quick format). When it is done turn off the PC and set the new hdd as master and try the installation again. Do not forget to remove the old hdd. Personally, I think you will be better off with Windows XP.

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