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DoJ denies FCC ability to enforce net neutrality

By Dvarney ·
It's a sad day for all internet users my friends. This leads to a bad trend and I for one fear that next our private networks may be @ stake if this isn't nip'd in the bud.

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I still don't understand how cable ISPs can get away with it...

by jck In reply to DoJ denies FCC ability to ...

If an ISP says in a service agreement that I have 10Mb down and 2.5Mb up speeds on the internet.

Then, they restrict my right to use an application protocol that they deem improper (not law).

How is it fair business?

How is that network management?

It does nothing to alter or reconfigure the network at all. It only filters content.

Just a hoser move. Another thing to let big business not have to compete in a free market system.

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Amazing !

by butkus In reply to I still don't understand ...

None of the ISP's are stopping you from using Bit-torrent. It's the amount of data, which is in the users agreement. Got a cell phone, want to use it 24/7. There are plans that allow that. But I just want to pay $30 a month, and text and chat on the cell all day! Not going to happen.
Our business was charged $530 a month for a T-1 line (total cost). Any bit-torrent use can get one and download 24/7 and never hear a peep from Verizon Business.

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This is a great ruling

by RFink In reply to DoJ denies FCC ability to ...

I don't agree with Comcast. I agree with the court. Since Congress didn't give the FCC the authority then too bad, so sad. It looks like the FCC has to convince Congress that it needs the authority. Think of the sad shape this country would be in if all federal agencies could do whatever they wanted because they felt like it.

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It's lousy for the internet

by NickNielsen In reply to DoJ denies FCC ability to ...

But it's good law. If the FCC doesn't have the authority, they shouldn't be allowed to do it. The same applies with any other executive agency, no matter the level of government.

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Need for new regulating body

by mjd420nova In reply to DoJ denies FCC ability to ...

Sounds like what we need is a new agency to oversee the internet and specifically those providers that provide content over propietery methods, either cable or phone lines. These entities do not "transmit" over the air waves and are not subject to anything laid down under the Communications Act of 1934, where the FCC gets its power from. What those providers do over their own lines is their own business, how they edit or control the content, speeds and protocols is entirely up to them and until some agency is commisioned to take charge of these providers we will be stuck with the way they want to do things is we use them as our gateway to the internet. We are at their mercy and they know it and will continue to do as they see fit. It's a sad state of affairs.

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I agree with you

by NickNielsen In reply to Need for new regulating b ...

But I don't think we need a new regulating body, I just think Congress needs to specify the regulating body in law.

At the federal level, the FCC is the logical choice. The other option is either no regulation or regulation at the state level. Can you imagine each state declaring ISPs as public services and rolling them under the respective public service commissions? Now THAT would be a nightmare.

edit: thought there, words missing

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A double edged sword

by butkus In reply to DoJ denies FCC ability to ...

The only Bit-Torrent use is downloading movies, MP3's and illegal software copies. Unless someone comes up with "real" uses, 95% of it is illegal stuff that clogs up bandwidth. Just check out, it's just hi-tech theft. If the end user has a problem with that provider's speed, they can go with satellite, DSL or fiber. I'd rather my HD image not freeze then some kids on my cable line need 250+ movies on their HD.
I've just started NetFlick downloads. It's great, just get a good Sony BR system and a USB stick. They want to mess with something legal, then that's the other edge of the sword. I just figured out how to get my 25Mb Comcast connection to work right. With every cable channel moving to HD, you'll need the bandwidth. Besides, according to Comcast's statement, these complainers are a tiny fraction of all users, but use 50% of the bandwidth (some where around there).

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This says it all !

by butkus In reply to DoJ denies FCC ability to ...

From a "bit-torrent" site

This is what you are defending. This says it all:

"i can see he movie idk y cause when i download the movie a could and now i cant"

And the person may have texted this while driving to his H.S.
Is this really what needs to be defended ?

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This was the Court of Appeals, not the DoJ

by rucb_alum In reply to DoJ denies FCC ability to ...

The Dept of Justice is an executive branch. The Court of Appeals is part of the judiciary.

Comcast may have built an on ramp to but does not own 'the Internet'. If they want to throttle users, they should set up their own proprietary network. It ain't that hard. Comcast should lose their artificial monopolies if they keep it up.

Congress needs to expand FCC authority to Internet access but NOT content.

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What !

by butkus In reply to This was the Court of App ...

Comcast "ownes" their cable. Right now the Feds are saying Comcast can regulate what they sell. They are not saying, you can't use the Internet unless you go through us. Just like TV. Out town has many satellite and DSL users.
"Their own proprietary network" yea.. it's the cable connected to the house.
Ever own a web site ? You went over the MB use per month.. they charged you more. I don't see anyone complaining about that.
You went over their storage limit, you were charged more. You went WAY over a download limit, the would remove you and make you go to a very expensive business setup. I don't see anyone complaining about that system which every hosting company uses ! !

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