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hey again,

I was just wondering, my fathers laptop (the Toshiba one that he threw across his office :) ), he ended up buying off his company (they were pretty much giving it away). and here is what I want to know:

It runs XP Pro, and is setup to connect to a domain, so is it possible to remove these settings so It can be connected to a home network (i.e., a workgroup), without having to reinstall windows???

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Yes. If you have authority to do so.

by 1bn0 In reply to Domain

If you can log on to the machine with a local account that has administrator rights you can remove the machine from the domain.

Log on uinder an account with administrator rights.
Open System Properties.
Slect the Conputer Name tab.
Click on the "Change" button.

Slect the radio button under "member of" for Workgroup and enter a workgroup name. The defualt is usually "WORKGROUP". IF you are adding this to your home network, use the same workgroup name you have used on the other home computers.

Click on O.K. and enter the account credentials again.

Wait for the machine to tell you it is finished. It can take a minute or two.

Reboot when you are done to make the changes active.

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Yes U can do that but u need to have Admin Rights

by cyber.crime007 In reply to Domain

Yes U can do that but u need to have Admin Rights u should login with administrator
Then Right Click my Computer Properties>>>Computer Name>>>>Click on Change Button>>U will get option to select Domain or Workgroup and Select Workgroup type same in Box given for workgrp name then press ok and ok ask for restart system press yes and u will after restart U can use it in workgroup mode but let me tell u just take a backup off ur pops documwnt and mails in Domain profile

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