By arunice.82 ·
Hello everyone,
i am arun, i am new to this form and the job i am doing,,
now actually i need help is accesing my domain name,
here is the scenario
when i type my, domain name it should point to my computer,
actually now its pointing to my router. when i type this in my address bar in browser it opens my cisco firewall. now i need to know how to point the domain name to my computer instead of router, can any one heklp me
plz mail me
thanks in advance

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Important this is a Public Forum

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Domain

So you need to edit out your E-Mail address from the question or the Bots will have your In Box flooded with Spam. It will not come from TR but because you listed your E-Mail Address.

As to your question can you provide more information about the Network Setup?


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Are you familiar with DNS?

by wearearewe In reply to Domain

If you enter in your browser and your directed to your firewall then your DNS Server is sending you there. You didn't indicate but since you mentioned a Domain I have to assume your're using a Microsoft Server of some flavor.

In this case you'd typically make an Alias(CNAME) DNS record for your firewall as: ==

Your Domain being your nameserver should have a Name Server(NS) record as well as a Host(A) record. I typically set my servers up with an address such as (11, 12, etc...)

Please provide more information for a more detailed response.


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by alejandro_rehu In reply to Are you familiar with DNS ...

I kinda know what your problem is.
I think you are landing at your routher firewall when you type what you need to try is:
1.- go to your local area network connection (the one you are using to connect to the internet) right click on it, choose properties. go down to "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" select it and then click on properties again. right at the bottom of the new window you will find "Use the following DNS server address:" select that and then under "preferred DNS server enter the IP address of your DNS computer server. this address should be the one that your routher assigned to the server. (if you gave the routher that task.) other wise find out what your internal IP address is by entering "ipconfig" in your server's cmd window. click OK until you exit all the opened windows.
try to reconnect again and tell me what did you get.

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