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Good morning everyone,

Short story, I work in a company that owns many ships (cruise, oiler etc...) The infrastructure goes like: There is the main domain (COMPANY) at HQ. In COMPANY there are all adresses of each member of it from the Office to the Sailors. Each ship are in indepandant domain (SHIP), which means that the crew of each ship got a second email adress due to the local independant domain. This point' shaking me strongly, to me, each ship supposed to be a forest linked too the main domain. Adresses of the crew hosted by the forest, in that case if the ship lost internet access, everything on-board still working (RDS, POP e-mail, Apps, etc...). That includes we can control and manage each ship from the domain, unique adress on the infrastructure (GPO, update control, etc...). When I expose it to the heads of the dept, they told me that this infrastructure had no extra value from the current one. Because of our data limitation, this would be the worst solution ever, because each forest will devour our Data trying to look for the parent domain.

I really feel that explanation is pure HBS, because they don't want to change something. Everything works fine, so why would us do it over ?

I could be wrong, but no one really want to talk about it, that's why I'm here, to get your point of view, if there are no gains can you tell me why ? In the same way tell me the gains I miss.

Thanks you.

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