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Domain and workgroup together

By peter ·
I have a group of users who are members of a workgroup called "WORKGROUP". As part of this setup, they all have connection to a SAMBA server.

I now need them to become part of a Server 2003 domain as well. I need them to be able to run some software which requires Server 2003. This software installs a thin client on the local computer from a drive mapped to the Server 2003 computer.

I would like them to be able to connect to the domain but not lose their workgroup settings and shares.

All workstatins are XP Pro, the Samba server is Fedora Core 1 and the Server 2003 computer is .. MS Server 2003.



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by zaferus In reply to Domain and workgroup toge ...

A computer can belong to either a domain OR a workgroup - not both.

However, based on what you have here for information, there is no reason why things shouldn't be able to run within a client/server environment just the same. The main difference is that it should be easier to apply security, policies and login scripts to the users through the server.

The only thing that you may want to change is the shares. I don't see why you wouldn't want these to go to a server where they can be backed up and secured.

But reguardless you can have a share between workstations on a domain environment. It's just an administrative pain to give local user access from each workstation to each other for shares when you can have central user management and access control from the server.


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by rbm100 In reply to Domain and workgroup toge ...

Try changing the workgroup to the same name as the domain (not joining, just same name). That should allow the domain to see the computers.

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by haileyan In reply to Domain and workgroup toge ...

Once they are all on the same domain they will continue to be able to access each other in a workgroup fashion. I would create a security group for this group of users in the domain. Give this group rights to the shares on the computers that they need access to.

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