domain and workstation mix envoirment

By kashan ahmad ·
i have workstation 2003 server which is running oracle apps as well Xp workstation so i want to create domain environment but i don't want to be joining my oracle server which is on 2003 server

so how can i manage domain with xp members as well non domain joined 2003 server which is my Oracle servers..
but how can they access each other like locally access from domain and access from 2003 server workstation which is non domain member??

how 2003 server workstation will access xp nodes wich is on domain ?

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Logically, workgroups don't care about domains

by robo_dev In reply to domain and workstation mi ...

The whole point to AD, of course, is that it is easier to manage.

It is a hard-to-manage mess having both AD and workgroups on the same LAN.

Since you must authenticate to the domain to get to domain resources, you cannot be a member of a workgroup and a domain. A machine joined to the domain normally is not given the local admin rights which would be needed to login locally and connect to the workgroup.

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I'm having a hard time parsing your question

by Charles Bundy In reply to domain and workstation mi ...

But I think you have (or need) a

1) Non DC Win2003 server running Oracle
2) A DC Win2003 server
3) Some WinXP Pro clients joined to Domain controlled by Server 2.

You would manage WinXP Pro clients through server 2, and not have any services other than RDBMS provided by server 1. Or you could create a forest with server 1 having it's own domain and server 2 controlling a second domain.

Access is as easy as providing proper domain credentials when trying to hit domain resources from non-joined clients and is a different thing from central management.

Hope this helps

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You just need a Local account

by maxxieq In reply to domain and workstation mi ...

you are handling a Oracle in a physical server that you do not want to join in your domain, but you need them to manage both. If it's not that complicate, i think you just need a local account to server where oracle runs. so that you can still manage it remotely or you can access files within that server without affecting your Domain Server or your Active Directory. :)

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