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    Domain being blocked from PC


    by eltonpollard ·

    I have s specific problem, and I doubt anyone can answer it. But if you do, I would be impressed.

    I have a number of websites located on a host server under a single account. Everyone else has access to the sites but me. However, I am unable to access the sites from my own PC.

    I am running windows xp professional, and I have tried it in IE7, IE6, and Firefox. Nothing.

    I have a DSL modem running an ethernet adapter. And all other internet sites work fine. Example: (no good) (I can see)

    I have tried safe mode, resetting the modem, turning off all security settings, firewall, clearing all cache, refreshing etc…

    BTW I cannot access my site through FTP connection either (Filezilla)


    Already talked to ISP tech support, and Host support numerous times!!! Thanks.

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      by eltonpollard ·

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      More info, please/DNS?

      by toivo talikka ·

      In reply to Domain being blocked from PC

      Do you get an error message when you access the problem site?

      If you are not running some internet security application which is blocking the site, or in any case, check the hosts file in your Windows XP computer: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

      The other possible problem is client-side DNS caching. Check if the web site address in the local cache:
      ipconfig /displaydns

      If the address, most likely obsolete, is there, flush the DNS cache:
      ipconfig /flushdns

      Here is a link to Microsoft’s Knowledgebase article how to turn the client-side DNS caching off if required:

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        Some more details…

        by eltonpollard ·

        In reply to More info, please/DNS?

        I recieve “IE cannot display the webpage” when pointing to the site, but no specific error message. As if it doesn’t exist.

        I have several domains through my web hosting company. They all provide the same result. I cannot even see (jpg, gif,) images direct linked to those sites on other parts of the web.

        I checked the host file… nothing. I also flushed the DNS cache… and turned caching off temporarily, but no change. Sorry.

        I have access to everything else on the web.

        I have tried to access the site using safe mode on my computer. I have reset the modem… unplugged everything for a time… specified a different DNS server… turned off the firewall, anti virus/spyware protection, privacy settings… deleted all caches… blocked site lists… nothing.

        I cannot ping the site because icmp is turned of… so I get a “request timed out”.

        I also get “timed out” after about the 18th hop when doing a trace route. But my friends computer times out also… and yet he can still see the site without problems.

        Tracing route to []…

        hop rtt rtt rtt ip address domain name

        1 0 0 1

        2 0 0 0

        3 0 0 0

        4 0 0 0

        5 0 0 0

        6 16 1 1

        7 1 0 0

        8 1 0 0

        9 38 38 38

        10 38 38 38

        11 37 38 38

        12 38 38 37

        13 * * *

        14 * * *

        15 * * *

        16 * * *

        I am supposed to trade out my modem tomorrow. I think the idea is that we (my ISP)tried to change the ip address. But for some reason my computer won’t accept the new ip I don’t think. So I had to reset the defaults to continue using the internet.

        But I don’t see how I could be blocked from my own sites. I certainly didn’t do it. I also turned off .htaccess to see if that would make a difference.

        For now I am accessing everything using a subdomain from the web host… and that seems to work. But I cannot see anything that is linked to the actual domain… like pictures, links, .css files… only relative links.

        It does not look like it has been hacked into though. Besides they would’ve had to hack about 6 sites simultaneously.

        This is not my area of expertise however. The sites are also on a shared server. I have not puchased a dedicated ip address for any of the domains yet.

        But it doesn’t seem to be a problem for anyone else. Just me… and my home PC.

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      Resolved and then Broke again

      by eltonpollard ·

      In reply to Domain being blocked from PC

      Well I fixed the problem by getting a new ipaddress. Of course I picked up a new modem to do that. I had a bunch of trouble trying to get the ipaddress to change.

      But now in less than a week. I have been blocked again. This is of course my own domain. And it is getting very frustrating. I am going to call my ISP provider right now.

      But if we can’t change it over the phone. I am going to try ‘ipcoonfig /release’ cmd prompt. Shut off the computer over night. And then ‘ipcong /renew’ on startup. And I pray to the ‘techie’ gods it works.

      I hope no one ever has to go through this. But if you do, just change your ip. You’ve been blocked. This is nothing I am doing!!! I own my sites. And it is getting very, very frustrating.

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      dont worry

      by jitendra ·

      In reply to Domain being blocked from PC

      Hi sir this not a big one case you can easily check all the sites through the proxy facility.

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