Domain Client access to Workgroup resource

By n00badmin ·
We are considering migrating from a multi-network/single subnet workgroup to a domain environment utilizing Server 2008.

We have a resource that is hosted on Server 2003 and accessed via IIS by our workgroup clients at a remote location. This proprietary software operates with SQL server and it is confirmed with the vendor that the package will not operate correctly INSIDE a domain, thus the reason for the workgroup set up. They refused to give a reason why this is the case leaving us to guess.

Is there a method (perhaps through a trust relationship?) to allow domain client computers running Win7 Pro or WinXP Pro to access this resource without migrating the resource to the domain?

I am very new at network and server administration ( < 1yr) so please be gentle.

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Grant access

by oldbaritone In reply to Domain Client access to W ...

Have you tried just granting access to them as individual users or a user group?

The simplest answer may be the most straightforward - just add the user names on the 2003 server (if they aren't already there) and grant them access to the resources they need.

I've had a workgroup server with the same workgroup name as the domain, and the clients haven't had any trouble accessing it. Of course, since the second server is not part of the domain, it cannot access the domain resources, but the client machines connected to both servers without any problems.

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More info..?

by n00badmin In reply to Grant access

I haven't been able to test this as yet. I have been tasked by my manager to research and find a way to make this work, if it can. I have googled extensively and hadn't been able to find a situation that directly mirrors ours. We don't currently operate with a domain as this mission-critical piece of software wouldn't operate correctly INSIDE a domain.

Currently each client needing access to the workgroup server needs an entry in the local host file to map out the address then opens a browser and navigates to the fqdn. Then they are presented a log-in page on which they enter a log-in id and password, it does not pull credentials from the users current session.

For clarification on your suggestions; each client that will connect to the workgroup server from the domain will continue utilize its own account hosted on the workgroup server? Also, will anything in the way the client interacts inside the domain cause interference with data transmission or reception or how its interpreted and displayed locally, from the external server?


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