Domain controller duplication

By gm_reill ·
We are currently replacing hardware on our domain controller. we are trying to find the best method, to clone the current domain controller(DC1) and move it to new hardware without messing anything up.

The name and IP will stay the same
Sysprep to add new hardware drivers
Clone current DC1
Apply sysprepped image to new hardware
shut down old DC1
bring up new DC1

Is this the correct method?

Thank you

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by tmalo627 In reply to Domain controller duplica ...

only work if the hardware is identical. So if you're replacing faulty hardware with new identical hardware, an image can work. But if you are replacing because hardware is becoming outdated or completely consumed, you'll want to try a different method.

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by gm_reill In reply to Images

I was under the impression, that if you used Sysprep, you could image to unlike hardware. There is a debate going around, that you would need to move the FSMO roles, to another machine, then demote the DC, and re-Promte it back into the domain. If you know of a better method, could you post it here?

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H/w differences

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Images

If the hardware has a different disk controller or a different HAL, then the image will either not boot or crash. Sysprep in theory does work but not always.

As for DCs, you are best to install Windows with a new name on new server, run DCPRomo and transfer FSMO roles across. Thats the approach I would recommend.

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by shasca In reply to Domain controller duplica ...

Have a look at the Technet way before you proceed. What are you imaging with?


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