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Domain Controller Synchs DHCP improperly

By channa ·
We have a primary domain controller with DHCP on it and a secondary domain controller with DHCP located on it. Our primary domain controller went down, thus passing on responsibility to the secondary domain controller. The secondary domain controller's DHCP server is not properly dishing out ip addresses. We have conflicts. When the primary domain controller dished out the ip addresses, then the secondary domain controller kicked in, the secondary DHCP server got confused and we had lots ofip conflicts. We realized that it never was working properly. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Domain Controller Synchs DHCP improper

by sirak@bits In reply to Domain Controller Synchs ...

It looks like the DHCP scopes are not configured properly. They seems to be some overlapping. Check how your scopes are configured. If you provide me with more info I can assist you.

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Similar Situation

by t.whipkey In reply to Domain Controller Synchs ...

I have a similar problem with my DHCP server. A few weeks ago, my original one finally keeled over on us, thus having to transfer DHCP functions to our domain controller. It was serving out IP's fine, but we eventually came up with enough spare parts to build a new DHCP server that would serve the purpose. We deactivated DHCP on the domain controller, enabled it on the new server with all of the same settings, and now we have duplicate IP's being assigned, along with a massive amount of bad addresses coming up. Yesterday I had to clear out rougly 140 bad addresses. Any ideas as how to fix this? Thanks.


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