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    Domain Controllers


    by m.matheson ·

    I am trying to connect a secondary domain controller to my domain but when I run DCpromo I get the error message saying that “The operation failed to modify the necessary properties for machine account “mymchine”

    “Access Denied”

    I have put in the domain password and looked in Active Directory and added this macine to the Domain Controllers security group.

    Wot else needs done ?

    This is all windows 200 server

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      Computer account

      by tomf30 ·

      In reply to Domain Controllers

      If you have created a computer account for this, this is probably where the problem lies. I would make the server a member server, making sure that adminpak wasn’t installed on the server. Run DCpromo, this will created the computer account and automatically place it in the Domain Controllers OU. The new DC will then pull a copy of AD from the PDC Emulator, oh and need a reboot.

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