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By glenn ·
I am putting in a new server for a client. Currently he has a domain controller/terminal server which i want to use as a backup redundant server, which will be replaced with a new domain controller/terminal server. Is it possible to have 2 domain controllers on the same network so as I can update data from the active server to the back up server. I don't want to load balance, the redundant server will only be used in the active server goes down for some reason, thanks.

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i don't think so but...

by allthegoodnamesweregone In reply to Domain Controllers

Why don't you just want to have 2 domain controllers?

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There can be 2.

by bart777 In reply to Domain Controllers

What you want to do is add the new server to the domain and then run a DCPROMO on that box. This will give you the 2nd DC on the network. At this point you will migrate the FSMO roles to the new box. Once done the old server will now be a secondary DC in the event that the new one goes down.

If you are wanting to have the old server turned off and only bring it up in the event of a failure then you are ging the wrong way. The old server would need to be there for updates from the PDC Emulator.

As for the TS boxes you can feel free to have 2 on the network at any time. Just remember that teh users will need to be rediected to the new box once you create it.

Best of luck.

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