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    Domain DNS issues HELP


    by trs16b ·

    Try to make this short.

    Created a new domain, with primary PDC running AD, installed DNS server looks fine.

    Domain name corp.corporate.

    I use my router to specify my DNS severs as WAN primary and PDC secondary.

    Add a computer from the desktop takes forever to attach to the domain, but eventually works. Then reboot, login as domain admin and add user from the domian.

    FAILS trust relationship?

    Change the domain to the netbios name corpcoprate, takes forever. Reboot add user from the netbios domain name, works fine.

    REAL kicker.

    Got to remote office attached via VPN add DNS corp.corprate works immediately. Add user works immediately.

    Any ideas would be appreciated!

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      by trs16b ·

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      Where is this router?

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to Domain DNS issues HELP

      “use my router to specify my DNS severs as WAN primary and PDC secondary.”

      Is this inside the LAN, or is it internet-facing?

      Because what I would do (not that I’m a Windows server or network admin), is to point everything at your DNS server, and put your internet DNS servers of choice in the forwarders.

      Mixing different DNS in the router’s primary and secondary is practically guaranteed to break stuff. (Wherever it is in the network.)

      And since you have WAN as primary, you are now sending probably all of your lookups across the internet to a recursive DNS server just so it can send NXDOMAIN back, which kicks off your local DNS server to attempt to resolve the request. In other words, backwards and excessive.

      No reason you should ever depend on an internet NXDOMAIN response to get local resolution. But this is just one reason why 80+% of all internet DNS lookups are junk – it is very common (and practically demanded by netbios).

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      PDC primary

      by netwrk_admn ·

      In reply to Domain DNS issues HELP

      Like the above poster mentioned, always have your internal DNS server serve up DNS look ups. Anything that server doesnt know, use a forwarder to the ISP WAN link.

      No client should know of the outside, WAN, DNS server. The PDC server will handle everything. I suggest a backup to the PDC so you at least have two DNS servers in case one goes down.

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      because you list your ISP DNS servers first all queries go there

      by cg it ·

      In reply to Domain DNS issues HELP

      no queries go to the second listed DNS server unless the first is unavailable. That is why you have problems finding resources on the local network using only the name. The ISP DNS servers do not have the name to address listings for local network resources.

      Using netbios to solve the problem is simply not using the local DNS server at all for local network DNS queries.

      note: DNS queries do not go down the list if the first DNS server listed can not answer the query. The list is simply which DNS server to use and if that server isn’t available, then and only then do queries go to the next listed DNS server.

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