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    Domain Drop Down Box


    by o_zesati ·

    Hello all.
    I have several domains. A root and several childs. I need help in diabling the showing of domain names for domains that a particular user does not belong in. Simply, I only want the domain name at the user login drop down box to be only the domain name that that user belongs to. I am talking about the drop down box when a user hit Alt-Ctrl-Del. Thanks… any help is appreciated.

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      Same Question

      by s.kloosterman ·

      In reply to Domain Drop Down Box


      I’m looking for an answer to the same issue. Can you let me know when you found a way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance!


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      create trust

      by ak_gates2010 ·

      In reply to Domain Drop Down Box

      I got your quest . . . . to over come the problem simply create the trust between the forest or domain which you want to be there in drop down. . . one way or two way trust????? it depends on your needs…….

      Hope it hepls

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