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Domain email address on an external pc

By markchip ·
As a (very) novice small business admin on a Server 2003 network (with Exchange) I am stuck on how to set up my pre-existing domain email address on the system so that other local users can email me at home using this (longstanding and widely known) address. In other words I use my domain email address on a laptop at home but other network users can't email me without the email being retained on the network until I log in (at work) it. External non-network email gets through ok, just none from my network users at work.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Domain email address on a ...

I am confused on your question.

Are you looking to connect to the Exchange server remotely and pick up mail?

Are you looking to configure a virtual SMTP domain (another domain name) on your current Exchange server?

Or are you wanting to configure a SMTP domain at home?

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by BFilmFan In reply to

How are you connecting to the email server at work with your laptop? RPC over HTTP? POP3? VPN connection?

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by markchip In reply to Domain email address on a ...

I have held this email address and domain name for quite a while and my employees have also been given email addresses at the domain. A network was installed at work and the email addresses were assigned to the appropriate users (roaming profiles) using server 2003/exchange server. Everything works fine... except for the fact that I use my laptop at home far more than the network at work. I invariably download and read email on the laptop however... if anyone on the work network emails me on this address ( it stays on the network and never reaches me at home. I can send to anyone (work included) and anyone can send to me (using the domain email set up on laptop at home) but anyone at work cannot send to me and have to send to a secondary unrelated address. Hope this clarifies things! ;-)

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by CG IT In reply to Domain email address on a ...

well I believe what your saying [correct me if I'm wrong] is this:

you have an email address for work. everyone send you email at while at work you get the mail in your mailbox.

BUT, while your away from the office, be it at home or traveling, you don't get any email until you A) log in remotely to your work network in which mail is then delivered to your mailbox on your laptop

What you want to have happen is that anytime your away from work and someone sends you mail [to the work email address], you want the mail server to forward that mail to a different email address like yahoo or hotmail or whatever.

That's relaying and most IT guys who are on the ball won't allow relaying because spammers use relaying to hide that they are spammers.

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by CG IT In reply to Domain email address on a ...

Exchange 2003 supports OWA Outlook Web Access and RD Remote Desktop. Just log in remotely and you'll get your email on your laptop into your Outlook mail box.

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