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Domain & Exchange setup.....!

By sanjana8480 ·
I want to request you to read the whole paragraph

I am assigned to setup network which will contain one domain and one exchange along with almost 50 domain users. I want to install windows server 2000 with exchange server [small business server]

Pls consider these conditions also:-

1. If I put my domain name

2. If I put the IP address (example)

3. If I host my domain with my ISP.

4. All DNS and PTR entries will be taken care by my ISP

5. Name of Domain Controller will be ?

6. Name o Exchange Server will be ?[Exchange server will be separate PC/server from Domain Controller ]

7. I will be using lease line of 128k with static IP address assigned to Domain controller and Exchange server.

8. All domain users will be using Outlook as a E-mail client to receive mails from local SMTP/exchange server.

9. Leave a side the router and firewall issue a side that I will handle myself.

Now pls give me the answers of the followings quarries:-

1. What all DNS entries will I have to do in my domain controller for communicating with ISP, exchange server & for local domain users?

2. What all DNS entries will my ISP have to put in its DNS/Domain server to forward all mails to my exchange server?

3. What all PTR & MX record I will have to put in my Exchange & Domain controller for sending and receiving mails?

4. What all PTR & MX record My ISP will have to put in its Domain & exchange server or DNS server?

5. How will my Exchange server receive mails from my ISP?s server?

6. What all stuff I can use to prevent spam receiving with mails?

7. What all entries will I have to do in Exchange server for communicating with local domain & ISP?s server?

8. How can I test my DNS/PTR entries working correct or not configures by ISP?

Now thanks a lot for reading my issue and hoping you will spent some time to help me out to solve this issue?.one more thing I want to urge you is that pls put any example while answering/ replying/explaining which will really help me lot to configure.

I will really remain thank full to all of the reader to answer me???.!

Thanks a lot once again in advance?????!

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