Domain Integration

By systems ·
I need a solution to integrate two(2) DC's to one single network.
Both DC's are Windows 2003 and the only connection now is via Juniper VPN
Routers.ISP Prvider is the same for both offices, but VPN access spee via Router is not fast
I been ask me to integrate both DC's to single network and make both
DC available to users located in office 1 and office 2
IP addr of DC 1 is s.m, d.g
IP addr of DC 2 is s.m 255..0.0, d.g
The main reason to do this is both companies been integrated to single owner
ship and users been changed locations
They are other servers involved SQL, TS Server(Citrix)
Please help me with this issue...

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Here is a start

by IC-IT In reply to Domain Integration

But I hope one of the Domains is not 100.100.x.x that would be a routable none private address. Did you mean 10.100.x.x and 10.10.x.x?

You will want to review this chapter, it applies directly to your situation;

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Thnaks for Replay

by systems In reply to Here is a start

I will shudwown old Unix server with ip 100.100.xx.xx and chnage all network to or
First domain starting
May be is the best to setup all servers in one computer room and use single domain only?

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your outline isn't the big issue

by Screen Gems In reply to Domain Integration

because creating site links and replication between domain controllers is relatively easy.

But if you have 2 FQDN name spaces that are not contigious name spaces, then you'll have a harder time merging the two.

As Bwilmot link to Microsofts Technet, that's the place to go for information on how to merge 2 domains to form 1 domain or merge 2 domains into a parent/child domain structure.

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Great replay

by systems In reply to your outline isn't the bi ...

i may move all servers to one location, shutdown one DC starting with and make communication between office1 and office 2 via VPN...
it may be slow

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Intergate 2 domain in single computer room

by systems In reply to Domain Integration

have been asked to coordinate networking services between head-office and and office #2.
. Head office has a domain_A with terminal servers and SQl
servers. office 2 has domain_B with terminal servers and SQl servers. The Physical link between both networks are juniper, Juniper SSG5 via VPN connection. I have been asked to have only one computer room. Logicaly i need to move Domain_A from head office to office#2 and make one single domain. No more 2 computer rooms, Only 1. How do I intergrate both domains, Domain_A and Domain_B ? How
do users at the head office communicate with the intergrated domains, Via VPN ??
but it is slow.
Any Ideas ?

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