Domain like workgroups

By ch.hero ·
I don't have enough power in my house ( I know that sounds wierd) to power another computer to be a DC, but I want the same control as that for my home network.

For instance, I would like to control programs across my network like o&o Defrag corp. or Symantec Corp. so I can defrag the computers in my house and scan them from time to time.

At one point I installed WinSer.2003 and tried setting up a DC but since that was on my personal computer ( and I am a gamer), it wasn't going to work out.

There is ONE computer (that is declared dead but that is because I don't really want to look at it since it AWAYS gave me hardware problems I COULD fix but don't want to) that could be a DC but, doesn't that mean I have to make it basicly a router? Doesn't that mean I need some kinda monstorus NIC card?

The answers I am looking for is possible some kinda software or something that I can run on all the computers that can make me admininstar of them so EVEN WHEN SOMEONE IS USEING THE COMPUTER, I can use some of the software that I have gave for example.

I hope you guys understand this,since I really can't explain what I really want. Basicly if I can go in CMD of MY computer and remote shut down another with out it saying "Access denied", mission complete!

Why this is coming up is because my mother is stupid and doesn't do system matenence on her computer and I have to fix it every week almost! My 13 year old brother does some stupid crap to his computer every month, and it would be nice to do things to my laptop from time to time instead of doing them physically!

Thanks in advance!

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Look into ...............

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Domain like workgroups

Look into using Ultra VNC. It allows remote access to those computers and is a free download.

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Tried that

by ch.hero In reply to Look into ...............

That would work if I actually wanted to control the computer, all I want to do is, activate, if you will, a program or set settings and such. Just as a systems administrator would at a small to large business. ONE single click is all you need for symantec corp 10 to scan all of the computers on a network that have symantec installed. It scans on the LOCAL computer, not throught the net work though. Basicly what it does is it send the commanded to all the anti-virus installations on the network to scan a certain folder,the whole computer, email only etc.

THAT is what I want, but with out actually setting up another computer to be some sort of server( EG. Domain Controller, (or as my friend sorta suggested but idk if it would work...still not what I want though) Active Directory))

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Remote command line

by reggaethecat In reply to Tried that

If you need to get at a command line, you could try psexec from the Microsoft Sysinternals website:
This lets you remotely access a command line on another PC and run whatever commands you like.

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