Domain Local Groups

By rmillz ·
I am reorganizing my company?s users into appropriate groups. I assigned users to a global group and then assigned the global group to a domain local group. The domain local group is then assigned the appropriate permissions for any given folder. Unfortunately when I go to add the domain local group to the security settings it doesn?t appear as an available option but the global group does. The company runs on a single domain.


User1 ? User
IT_G ? Global Security
IT_DL_F ? Domain Local to be assigned FULL access

User1 > IT_G > IT_DL_F

Now, when I go to the Security tab of the folder and enter ?I? and hit Check Name only IT_G appears as an option, not IT_DL_F like I need. Is there a setting that could be stopping this from occurring? I am attempting to add the DLG to a folder on a NAS server. If I try this same thing on the DC, the DLG will appear and function normally.

I hope I explained the situation well enough. Thank you for any and all assistance.


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should work

by lowlands In reply to Domain Local Groups

The scenarion you describe should work just fine. The only thing I can think of for you to check is if you made both groups security groups and not distribution.

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Security Groups

by rmillz In reply to should work

Yes, both are security groups. However, like I said before, it works fine on the DC. I will try making the Global a distribution group and see what happens. Thanks for the post.

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distribution group will not work

by lowlands In reply to Security Groups

You can not assign permissions to a distribution group, so that will not work.

What is the OS of the system you are trying to give the Domain Local group rights?

As far as I can tell in my environment, it works on NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 systems, and we have Windows 2003 DC's

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Lowlands is right

by CG IT In reply to distribution group will n ...

distribution groups are not security groups and you can only set permissions using security groups.

Mine works without a hitch. W2003 systems and DCs.

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by rmillz In reply to Lowlands is right

The NAS server is running Windows 2003 Standard. This is driving me nuts! We have two DC's and 4 member servers. This works with no problems on both DC's but I can't see the domain local group in the security settings of any of the member servers. We only have one domain so I can't figure out why the member servers can't see it. I can see the global group on all servers and both groups are in the same OU. Both are security groups. Again, thanks for all the input.

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What is the functional

by Dumphrey In reply to Update

level of your domaine? Not sure if that would be the cause, but I vaguely remember that group nesting is effected by domain functional level.

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by rmillz In reply to What is the functional

THANK YOU!!! My domain functional level was set to Windows 2000 Mixed. We do not have any NT4.0 machines so I went ahead and raised it to Windows 2000 Native. Once completed, I went back to the NAS server folder permissions. All the domain local groups are now available. Thank you all for your time and effort. I'm definitely writing this one in the IT Book of Tricks.

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