Domain login box takes 10 minutes to show!

By Starscream ·
Hi There, I have a server client network with 1 Server running Server 2003 and 15 clients running windows XP. There are more clients but these are the only ones I am trying to connect at the moment. Everything has been running great for over two years and I have made incremental updates and software changes to the client image 3 or 4 times. All was well a few weeks ago however now when the client machines are booted they get a blue screen with a mouse cursor and stay in this way for around 10 minutes before the domain logon box appears, plus we are starting to have frequent crashes in Office and some machines run quite slowly.

Can anyone highlight any areas I should investiate in order to speed the machines back up. They were never the fastest machines but it is strange how all of a sudden they take this long to be ready to logon.



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Re: Domain login box takes 10 minutes to show!

by rommel_abaya In reply to Domain login box takes 10 ...
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by foiled In reply to Domain login box takes 10 ...

I have seen incorrect DNS settings create this type of problem. You mentioned a domain so you must have a dns server. Make sure it is functioning and that its entries are correct (with only 15 clients this should be easy). Make sure your DHCP settings for DNS is correct. If using static entries make sure they are correct. Make sure your internal dns ip setting is at the top of the list so you are not going out to the isp's servers first.

Good Luck.

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by Starscream In reply to Try DNS

Actually I checked the logs and there were DNS errors. Also our internet is down at the moment, get this.... because a rat in the ceiling has bitten through our 10meg Fibre Optic line!!! So we need 850 metres of fibres replacing tomorrow. Could the fact that the internet is down be a contributing factor? I believe the server is configured to be the DNS server, however we do have a caching server that may be of better use as both the DNS and DHCP server as the Server 2003 server is currently performing all three tasks, Domain Controller, DNS Server and DHCP server. Oh and it is the print server.

It is strange how the slow domain box show time went so slow soon after the rat destroyed the cable!

(we think it is a rat, and it aint some of the cable!)

I will hang on till we get the net back online and then reassess the situation. Thanks for all the posts, got me looking in the right direction. I think I will try all of them and the crap cleaner tip sounds good to get the clients running sweet again. I think this school is haunted too! Lots of strange networking mishaps happen there!

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by foiled In reply to DNS

You've got a lot of good replies, particularly about checking the logs to narrow down the search. Since you only have 15 clients your one server should be able to handle the load with little problem. Since the whole network is affected then I doubt it is spyware but it is possible. Try pinging by name and see how long it takes to get a response. Your internet being out should not be a problem to DNS unless your clients are going to the isp's dns servers first and then defaulting to your internal dns server. Make sure your internal dns server is listed first when you do an ipconfig /all. What are the DNS errors in the log?

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Things to check. . .

by bkinsey In reply to Domain login box takes 10 ...

1) Check event logs, on both the server and the client machines. As the last poster mentioned, look for DNS errors, but also look for Group Policy and anything else that is either common among machines or suspcious.

2) Was there a particular change and/or update you can point to just before the problems started? If so, backtrack from there, figure out what happened. . .

3) Could be a basic communication problem. Check switch logs for erros, maybe run PerfMon and look for network drops and retrys on the machines if your switch isn't manageable.

Lots of areas to look at, but I'd start with those. At 10 minutes, I seriously doubt it's a problem with the size of the user profiles. Group Policy might actualy be my first guess, but with no more info than we have now, it's only a guess. . . .

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Do You Have an Anti-spyware Program on Clients?

by TBBrick In reply to Domain login box takes 10 ...

Being that this happened rather fast, my first suspicion would be some sort of malware in the system. As your clients boot up, the malware are phoning home to the mothership that they're back online.

Will be a pain in the bottom to root out if it's so. Will need to shut down all the other clients, boot your server into safe mode and check it with several programs, my favourites being Spybotr Search and Destroy and Adaware.

If infected, get your server cleaned up first, also in safe mode. Then, take one client to a time, also running anti-malware in safe mode. If you can plug each client directly to Internet (not route thru cleaned-up server) that would be an even better thing.

Finally, when all the malware's been removed, download Crap Cleaner to clean up your client's registries.

Good Luck...

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