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    domain login problem in XP


    by prem.desai ·

    hi all,
    i am facing a new and strange problem in my company since from last week,here we have win2k3 server and XP at client end, in some systems i am facing the problem that please check the user name and domin,while all the mechines are in domin, but with the same username users are able to login to domain from other systems, so please tell me what could be the problem and whats the solution for that rather than formating the system,i have trid with changing the NID value re-entering the systems in domain but still error presist.

    thanks in advance for solution

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      by prem.desai ·

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      Domain Problem

      by userdeletedbyrequest ·

      In reply to domain login problem in XP

      Its seems there is a problem with the sync of your clients to your server every 30 days it will loose the sync. I think its that i had the same problem. Have to tried re-adding them to the domain?

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        thanks for advice

        by prem.desai ·

        In reply to Domain Problem

        thank x but as i have told in previous post i have tried it but still problem persist and other thing as you are telling that problem of sync it should happen with all the client systems but it’s happening with hardly 5-6 systems so i don’t think that there will be sync the system is showing that it’s a part of domain so there will be no case of sync problem.

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      login problem

      by kalpesh1985 ·

      In reply to domain login problem in XP

      Actually dear we have not facing this type of problem.But i am trying to suggest for sole this problem.first of all check lan cable and dns server entries in client pc is working perfectly or not,and onther solution remove client pc from domain or add in work group .and after that re add in domain.

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        check ur c drive

        by ranjithkv2007 ·

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        Enter in ur pc as local admin and check the free space of ur os drive.(eg:c drive).
        if it is less than 500 mb delete some unwanted files and make up to 1 gb free space.(atleast 800 mb).after that, log off and try to enter as ur user name(domain).

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