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Domain Logon slow over Wireless Network

By cmioduszewski ·
I manage a small network, where we use Active Directory to manage users, and access. Log on and off is fairly fast on the Wired PC's. However recently I added a laptop, and a wireless desktop to the network, and their log on is VERY SLOW, It freezes up at "applying personal settings" I believe. About 5 minutes later it will finally log on. Any advice for me? I have a feeling I need to tell my DC that the wireless network is OK to be connected through, but not sure how.

Any advice will be appreciated

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Domain Logon slow over Wi ...

A couple of tips:
1. If logging into a domain for the first time, use a wired connection first as this will speed up the profile creation stage. Future logins should be faster.
2. Change network card settings to a specific speed that matches your wireless station so that its not re-negiatiating the speed all the time, this should improve throughput and get consistant speed.
3. Do not use Roaming profiles over a wireless network. Turn them off on Laptops.

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try a different channel

by bright-side99 In reply to Domain Logon slow over Wi ...

Did you do a site survey first to make sure that you have good signal? Most nics come with a little site survey utility, or you could download netstumbler. If the signal has problems you can try buying a higher gain antenna or moving the ap.

Typically 802.11b/g can be configured on channels 1, 6, or 11 (there may be more channels displayed in the config but best practice is to use one of these three). You might be getting interference on one channel (sourced from wireless phones and other rf, or someone elses nearby ap)

This article explains how to survey site and place aps.

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Comparing apples and oranges (Wired Ethernet to Wireless Ethernet)

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Domain Logon slow over Wi ...

You have to realize that wireless ethernet, depending on whether you are running 802.11b 53MBps or 802.11g 104Mbps, is still slower than if you are running a wired ethernet connection at 1Gbps at full duplex. As others have suggested, you should hard set your speed and duplex to prevent negotiation problems, but realize that no matter what, wireless is still slower than Gigabit ethernet or most fast ethernet at 100Mbps.

As far as roaming profiles are concerned, you don't want to keep pulling roaming profiles over a wireless connection because they do consume plenty of bandwidth when downloading to the local desktop. Opt for using static profiles, or keep using roaming profiles, but create a separate account for the wireless user(s) that don't have a roaming profile.

The goal is to conserve wireless bandwidth and not download stuff you really don't need everytime you authenticate to the domain.

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