Domain Merge Exchange 2003 Advice please.

By james.y.humphrey ·
Hello all,

Situation is currently 2 domains &, seperate forests with exchange 2003 orgs merging into 1 doing away with

My plan was to export mailboxes(EXMERGE/exh mig wiz), export user groups etc (ADMT), DC's removed and added to,DNS/replcation set up + other config for new DC's etc, Exchange servers re-imaged with a pre configured Exchange installation correct for, mailboxes migrated back in. LDIFDE used to import some old mailbox attribs to old users of so still addressable (as ADMT doesn't migrate the exchange info interforest)

I have tried and tested several methods in a test environment all steps are feasible as far as I can see however I have stumbled a little with Exchange mailbox migration largly due to time and fincancial constraints. I have no hardware on which to install exchange and migrate mailboxes over slowly and have a 16 hour window to carry out the migration. Using exmerge or exchange migration wizard to move mailboxs off the servers take around 20 hours as there is lots of data!

Can anyone offer me any advice on this approach? This is the first time I have tackled this type of project and I think I may be on the wrong track a little. Is there any way to complete this leaving the mailstores in tact??


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You're on the right road here

by bart777 In reply to Domain Merge Exchange 200 ...

I don't think that there is a way to leave that old store in place without leaving the domain intact as well.

The plan you have is good and one that I have used in the past for numerous companies. The time is nothing that you can change. Data migration is going to take however long it takes. All you can do is make sure that you move it with the least user traffic happening at the same time. Also make sure that the NICs aer running at their best speed. If you have access to Gig make sure you can use it.

If management is the one giving you this 16 hour window then you need to put the ball back in thier court and let them know that the data cannot be copied in that amount of time due to the size of the user mailboxes. And you knoe that they are going to be the biggest culprits too.

Keep with your plan and you'll be fine.

Best of luck

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How did it go?

by ac In reply to Domain Merge Exchange 200 ...

I like your plan. How did it go?

If you have adequate storage space, i would create a VM to stage the migration.

Also just because they have a lot of emails doesn't mean it all has to be migrated. Work with the biggest offenders and get them to archive their old emails.

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