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Domain Migration from SBS 2000 Domain to Windows 2003 Domain

By surveymaster.shivaram ·
We are planning to Upgrade our Domain from Small Business Server 2000 to new Windows 2003 domain
Domain Name:
(Only one brach office with single domain structure)
Current Information:
Domain Controller (Server1): SBS2000 (DHCP, DNS), Exchange 2000 and ISA 2000
Domain Controller (Server2): SBS2000 (DNS, WINS)
Users in the Domain: Less than 50 Planning increase soon

Upgrade to:
Brand New Domain Controller (newserver1): Windows 2003 Enterprise (DHCP, DNS) and ISA2003
Brand New Domain Controller (newserver2): Windows 2003 Enterprise (DNS, WINS)
Brand New Windows 2003 Server+ (Exchange 2003) (ExchangeServer)
Internal DNS supports two domain and
We have 10 Microsoft SQL Database Server.

Please send me information of all userful information. I have read it is complicated. I went through some of the Microsoft Articles. It will be great help if you have already done this please share your experience.

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by CG IT In reply to Domain Migration from SBS ...

whats tricky is getting user mailboxes from exchange 2000 over to exchange 2003 with a minimum of muss and fuss.

You probably want to do this in phases such as dcpromo demote your DC server 2 SBS 2000 to a member server and remove. dcpromo promote you W2003 enterprise DC to a DC on the SBS2000 network, replicate, move the GC role over then dcpromo demote the SBS box off the network which will move the schema master role over to the W2003 box. Once the schema master role is on the W2003 box, you can then dcpromo demote the old DC server 2 off and dcpromo promote the new W2003 DC on.

Exchange is a *****. Its best to probably move exchange first before you attempt moving schema master roles to W2003. use the inter-organization migration tool, to move exchange from 2000 to 2003. Your SQL farm [10 SQL servers? in the SBS 2000 network? ] is even more problematic as security accounts from SBS 2000 has to be on the W2003 or youve mucked it up royally [which is why its best to add W2003 DC to the existing SBS 2000 and move the schema master role over and GC over ensuring no security accounts problems. Then use the mitgration tool for exchange. DC promo demote the old stuff off after everything checks out. Then setup the other 2 domains later .

you'll lose ISA 2000 once you do this so I suggest you look at ISA 2004 as a perimeter firewall or have some sort of perimeter firewall is not ISA.

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by CG IT In reply to

links to articles are about a mile long as there really aren't any all in one article about moving from a Small Business Server environment [with its inherent limitations]to an enterprise Active Directory environment via brand new equipment AND having more than 1 domain e.g 2 domains in the forest with no trees of child domains.

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by CG IT In reply to

this is an tech net Q&A article on SBS 2000 migration with some of Microsofts guys. Now some of the questions are about problems with replication with W2003 server and the migration problems with Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003 with links to articles on how to accomplish this. Like I said, Exchange can be the most problematic.

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