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Domain Name and Web Sites

By Neddly ·
I have an intranet in a W2K Domain named "" and "" is registered on the internet.
I have a web site on the internet named I want my users to be able to access the external web site. DNS1 points to my intranet and DNS2 and DNS3 points to the internet.

Users cannot access the external site do they need to use

I know if I put the external DNS's first I have trouble setting up machine domain accounts.

In a Nut shell how do you configure a W2K domain with intranet and internet domain names the same.

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Try an alias

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Domain Name and Web Sites

the only way I have seen someone get around this has been to use an alias in the internal DNS server that converts it to the IP address. Thus your internal clients may access it as something like '' from inside and as '' from outside.

One solution I have seen was to have all the internal sites as subnets, thus anything internal would need '' anything just '' is resolved to the external IP address. Some organisations just use internal subnet names and leave the '' for the external address.

From a security aspect it is safer if the external and internal networks are NOT exactly the same, it makes it harder for people to break in. have all your external acces stuff as '' and then all the internal can be anything else as your routers etc will be able to convert it for you. Then you have simple DNS lists in all your inside servers, all '' is pointed out.

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