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    Domain not available


    by worththeloot ·

    Can not log into windows XP get error message cannot logon because the domain “hdjdjdjj” is not available. I have tried safe mode administrator and get same message. Got to safe mode but when you click on administrator you will get the same error message. Can’t get to any thing on the computer. We never set up passwords for the users don’t understand why it is asking for one now.

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      drop / add domain?

      by njcsamuels ·

      In reply to Domain not available

      I’m guessing you see the welcome screen after booting the pc. You should be able to press ctrl alt del twice to see a normal logon box. Select local computer as domain. Logon using local admin account. unjoin and rejoin to domain.

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        did that

        by worththeloot ·

        In reply to drop / add domain?

        When I do that it still gives me the same error message. I try to logon as the administrator and the same error says that the domain is not available. Any other ideas?

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          I’d be checking the network connection

          by nexs ·

          In reply to did that

          Though I find it hard to believe that you get an error saying “domain hdjdjdjj is not available” when you are logging onto the local machine(and NOT the domain).

          Make sure that you have network access and that the hdjdjdjj domain controller is alive.

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          Don’t understand either

          by worththeloot ·

          In reply to I’d be checking the network connection

          When I hit Ctrl alt del it gives me a logon box with the options of the user names and I can type in administrator it dosen’t give me an option of local. I can’t check any network connections because I can’t get into windows. The domain it says is not available is the computer name domain. Any more help?

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