Domain planning

By ravi ·
Please suggest.
I have 3 servers i am preparing a new domain envirornment from work group.
2 servers are in same location
3rd server is in other location 2 kms apart and with 2 mbps link available between locations.
2 domainsnames (ex and are required for one location where 2 servers reside
3rd server should belong to domain which sits at other location
Question is
is it to be made as a child for ?or Additional domain for ? or seperate forest named and give transitive trust?
or can we cluster?if cluster is option as we dont have any redundancy to each dc what is meaning of Additional domain controller?

pls suggest.

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New domains

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Domain planning

1. Active directory can use 'Sites' so that you can control replication to DCs in remote sites and thus not using up the 2mbps bandwidth with AD traffic. So I suggest using that in a single forest, single domain setup.

2. Active directory uses peers, so that when you setup an additional active dir. server, it will have a complete copy of the domain info as on the first domain controller. Also, each DC can be a Global Catalog server as well, so remote PCs can login to their own DC local to their network (ideally, they should be on a seperate subnet to the main office).

The only difference is that the five FSMO roles can be either on the 1st DC or seperated to other DCs for resilience.

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