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    domain problem


    by ravitripathi.81 ·

    In my domain PCs are showing following error at logon wondow


    The system could not log you on.make sure username ans domain are correct,then type your password again.Letters in password must be typed using the correct case.Make sure caps lock is not accidentally on.

    Plz help me guys on this problem.

    just for a trick they remove the network chord and login with the same username and password and they login successfully.

    But when they apply this they face sometime the problem in accessing the shared files and folders on server.

    plz help me out\

    in advance
    and cheers

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      by ravitripathi.81 ·

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      by wehkingml ·

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      Sounds like either an Active Directory issue or a DNS issue. Check the logs on the server and see if the PC’s are hitting the server to authenticate.
      I hate to say this but you might try and reboot the server that has DNS on it and the AD server.

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        by clarkd038 ·

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        sounds like a connectivity issue, maybe you should reset your main router, and then work your way down the switches, and make sure that if you are using it the DHCP server is running correctly in able to lease the clients IP addresses.

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        domain problem

        by ravitripathi.81 ·

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        thanks for reply..i am also having the same opinion that this is DNS problem…And i doubt one more thing and that is i am having DNS on PDC and the router both but DHCP only on Router…bothe should be on the same PDC…what you think about this ..

        Plz reply


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