Domain registration problem

By lultrekker ·
Hi there,
I've just set up a 2003 server and set it up as a domain controller and DNS server. The domain seems to be found fine, as from my client machine the password box appears requesting a username with access to join computers to domains.However, no matter what i put in those boxes I get a message back telling me its in teh wrong format... any clues?

The domain is media.internal
I've tried logging in as administrator@media.internal and still nothing is working. The DNS seems to be working with the forwarding for any external trafic becuase as soon as i turn the server off, the internet stops on the clients.


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by CG IT In reply to Domain registration probl ...

the format for the user name box is domain\username

then enter the password in the password box.

an alternate format is netbios name\user name

note you must be an administrator or have administrator's privileges to join a computer to a domain.

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network path

by lultrekker In reply to format

Thanks for the info.

I tried it and the error saying wrong format has now gone...

in its place I get one saying "Windows cannot find the network path"
I am entering media.internal\administrator in the username box

The domain is being found, because if i change the domain name to something else I get an error saying not found.

I can log onto the server with the user name i'm trying and it is a member of every group so I have permission to join to domains.

Very confusing.

I can ping the machine IP and get success.

I cannot type \\ into the run box and get anything come up though.

Any more help would be gratefully received.


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by Jacky Howe In reply to Domain registration probl ...

Where is the client getting its address from? Is it static or from dhcp. If it is static it should be something like Has the account that you are using to access the Domain have admin privelages. Has the account been added to the Domain Security Policy under User Rights Assignment. "Add Workstations to Domain".? Sorry for the questions but it might help to get you going. I normally copy the Administrator account and set it up as "soeinst" on the File server and modify the Domain Security Policy as above. I use this account to add workstations to the Domain and sofware to the Clients.

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