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    Domain Trusts


    by jbm ·

    I’ve configured a lab with 2 forest root domains (A & B forests). The A forest is a root domain and the B forest has a C and a D child domain.
    I’ve created a forest to forest trasitive trust between A and B. I also created an external non-transitve trust between A and C, and also between A and D. Question: I plan to use ADMT v3.0 to migrate all users and computers from domains C and D into Forest root domain A. Can I add the Domain Admin groups from domain C and D into the Administrators Group in Forest Root domain A? and the Domain Admin group for Forest root A into the Administrators groups on Domain C and D? I have tried but when I access ActiveDirectory users and Groups utility I can see the other domains but do not see all the groups and users listed?????

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