Domain User settings and frequent employee changes

By todd ·
I am wondering what the best practice would be in setting up a user in a W2003 domain when the employee may change frequently but still need access to the same email and files. The email is NOT on an Exchange Server. It downloads from a internet POP3 server to Outlook. It's possible I may set up the 2003 email down the road, but Exchange is not an option.
This is for a front desk situation, where the catchall email box sends all it's email, and they also send out email blasts to clients.
Can I rename the user account when a receptionist leaves and a new one comes in, or is that just trouble? Or do I make a Receptionist account and just use that one account for anyone that is there?
Thanks for the help! TC

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I would recommend

by cmiller5400 In reply to Domain User settings and ...

I would recommend that you create an account for each user that works there. That way you have security logs of who does what. It may be a pain in the rump, but if something does happen, you have the auditing to back it up.

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Email to new account? Server 2003 email?

by todd In reply to I would recommend

Then is there a way of moving the email files over to a new user account? Email, contacts, and such. I know Exchange would solve a whole lot of issues here. But that's not going to happen.
Is the email with standard edition Server 2003 worth looking into for this purpose?

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re: Centralized

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Email to new account? Ser ...

You can put the PST file in a centralized location that any of them can get to. Then, when you create the new user account on that machine, just recreate the same email profile they would all use and point Outlook to where the PST file is located. Of course, you will have to take some precautions to make sure only one person can log into that machine at a time. You don't want someone having the only PST file open, not logging out, then along comes someone else who logs in and fires up Outlook.

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